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Problem loading pages after update to Firefox 36

After updating from Firefox 35.0.1 to version 36, I am unable to load any pages in Firefox. (My internet connection is fine and I can use other browsers on the same computer.) I've already tried many troubleshooting routines to fix the problem but none have worked. I've tried the instructions here: (including troubleshooting my Firewall and proxy settings) and here:

FF 39.0 with vanilla, new profile : DNS resolution fails even though system DNS works, thunderbird DNS works

System: GNU Linux, OpenSUSE 13.2 x86_64, kernel 4.1.3, firefox: i | MozillaFirefox | package | 39.0-34.2 | x86_64 | Main Update Repository Hi. I have a very strange problem: My notebook has internet (ip, dns and "ping" works fine: p.ex. thunderbird works as expected). But firefox tells me: Firefox can't find the server at The nameserver in /etc/resolv.conf is, which is pingable and responds via "dig" (dig @ So this is not a network connection issue, no firewall issue. All other programs can use internet. e.g. thunderbird keeps working as expected. Just not firefox. No special network settings in firefox. In particular : I had created a new vanilla firefox profil, so no addons. Once I restart firefox, network is back. The problem is with DNS resolution, because pointing firefox to an IP (e.g. of as returned by the above "dig") works as expected. (also it is a fairly recent install, so I really think everything around firefox should be in perfect shape and order) So far I noticed the problem seems to occur when changing wireless networks (e.g from home to work), which also includes a suspend. But again: every aspect the system seems to be working fine, except for firefox that is not able to use the (new/changed) network connection anymore. I found a somewhat similar problem that might be related: Can I debug any further ? Please feel free to give me any (very technical) task that can help you to debug this problem ! Otherwise I have no problem giving you remote ssh + XForward access to see the problem for yourself. Thanks a lot for any hint. Tormen

Server Not Found error only affects Firefox

Was using v36 with no problems. Added a password to my WinXP Pro user account, system began updating file securities The file updates unexpectedly quit. Upon restart and logging into Windows, Firefox now shows "Server Not Found" error for every site (Chrome can get to same URLs) Did not actively update any firewall, security scanners, or connectivity settings Have tried different proxy settings and all the suggestions at

Firefox 36 DNS issues, revert to 35 or go to beta to get patch?

Been having problems with V36 hanging on loading sites, and it seems that there was a change made in 36 in relation to DNS issues, Bug 1093983 apparently refers to it, and I can't determine the best course to resolve, do I revert to 35, and is that even safe to do without all manner of problems, or install the 37 beta, As things are right now, this issue is causing significant slow downs on loading sites, and regular failures to load the site, which is not exactly helpful, so I can't just igno

Firefox 36 very slow connecting - Says "Connecting ...." - while other browsers work

since FF 36 users within our network have problems connecting to web sites. Time to load the entire page is in the range of Minutes. Same behavior for different users after upgrading to FF36. Creating a new profile - same behavior Using portable version - same behavior enabled / disabled: network.dns.disableIPv6 network.dns.disablePrefetch network.http.spdy.enabled.http2 network.http.spdy.enabled.http2draft - same behavior Using managed F-Secure Client Security No problems at all with Chr

firefox 36 slow internet and server not found

OK, I DO NOT have to do ANY of the NORMAL tricks to solve this. So, PLEASE do not tell me to reset, or alter anything. IT IS FIREFOX 36 ITSELF at fault. Previous verion was running smoothly. VERY smoothly. After updating to 36, it went downhill quickly. FIRST I am CONSTANTLY getting SERVER NOT FOUND errors, and SECOND the browsing speed is SLOW. Now, these WILL NOT HELP NOR ARE THEY AT ISSUE: Reset Firefox My addons My AV My Firewall My Profile THESE ARE ALL THE EXACT SAME as in previous versio

Work around for server not found problems on FF36

I have found a work around for all the people having server not found problems with FF36. If you manually set your network adapter DNS to an external DNS server (as opposed to your local ISP) then the problem goes away. I set mine to use the two google DNS servers: Preferred: Alternate: Not a clue why this works but it is 100% successful on my desktop PC, whereas before I could hardly connect to a webpage with FF36 without multiple page refreshes and much frustration, even