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Legacy Scroll Bar

Scroll bars with no cursor are difficult to use on desktops. They do not display the size of the window relative to the size of the page yet clicks make pages jump to that proportional location. The slow scroll feature is reduced to two tiny lines at the end of each scroll bar. I found no way to revert to the legacy scroll bars, featuring a cursor proportional to the size of the window relative to the size of the page, and allowing for slow scroll by dragging the cursor. Reverting to legacy

where are my old questions?

Probably I miss something big, but I can't find the history of my questions on this site.

Save Last Used Bookmark Folder

The New Bookmark dialog window should save the last used bookmark folder and use it for the next bookmark, both for one click and for double click on the bookmark star. This should be standard functionality of any dialog window. No add-on mimics this simple feature.

Search Bookmarks in Folder

In the Library window, the search feature is not limited to the current folder, but it searches in all bookmarks or history, depending on which one is selected. Search under the current folder only is standard functionality for such features. There is no add-on that conveniently mimics this feature.

scroll bar old style

How can I configure Firefox to use an old style scroll bar? The old style scroll bar showed a rectangular cursor, which represented the visible height of the page relative to the full height of the page, which was represented by the height of the scroll bar, and it allowed the page to be scrolled by dragging the cursor. Now I have a scroll bar which does not provide any information about the visible part of the page relative to the full height of the page, and scrolling is a risky adventure

hide bookmark dialog window screenshot

The Firefox New Bookmark dialog window stopped saving the last used Folder, as any dialog window is supposed to save its last state, long time ago. Then it lost the URL field, the most important field one needs to edit when saving a bookmark. But now, the final straw, it contains a large screenshot of the page to be bookmarked, which is available, anyway, in the browser window, and can't be hidden from about:config. Can anyone please explain what is going on at Firefox?

How to save last used bookmarks folder.

I'd like to save a bookmark to the last used folder automatically when I click on the bookmark star. I only found Default Bookmark Folder 2.4.1 which requires a lot of work to change the default folder. I am using Firefox Quantum 60.1.0e.

Firefox very slow before update

For a number of times over many years I noticed that Firefox becomes very slow when not updated for a long time, and then becomes fast after update. I don't rush to update it so sometimes I am using a version for months. Any idea how could I fix this strange behaviour?

Search in page titles from the Awsome Bar

Has Firefox 45.6.0 removed the search in page titles from the Awsome Bar? I see that it searches only in URL. Can I configure this back to searching in the page titles, too? Thank you. I see that now it's working. Sorry.

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