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default 29.0 sucks and now crying with agony and despair.

im not sure i can live with this. i need my original firefox back. this version is no good. how do i get the previous theme with my orange firefox button and grey top ? im am positive that i did not say to update. it just did it on its own. now its gay blue. whats worse is there is a gradient into the gay blue. horrible and i need help to get rid of it. it wouldve made more sense to put the icons on the left. and leave the search on the right where it belongs. if i redownload 28, how do i

Despite claims of customization why does this software need software (addons) to have a legacy accepted interface?

Plugins will get the job done, but why does it have to? They only serve to add overhead to keep the interface clean. I understand people working on the UI have a thankless job that doesn't get noticed. Now they just have a thankless job as you are surely noticed by failing to follow rule #1 of design. Keep It Simple Stupid. Is this your New Coke moment? Windows 8? JC Penny? Ford Pinto? Let them eat cake? On the bright side if you decide to step up and be the hero, you can fork the UI wi

How to make new Firefox look like old Firefox?

I was looking at the new version of Firefox and really don't like how it looks. If I update to it is there a way to make Firefox look like the old one? 3.6.24 is the version I'm using now, and I really like how it looks.

Can I uninstall Firefox 8 and reinstall 3.6 while also retaining my bookmarks and the tabs I now have open in Firefox 8?

After upgrading to Firefox 8.0.1 I discovered that I very much dislike its layout, appearance, and operation. Is it possible for me to revert to Firefox 3.6 in some simple way that would preserve my bookmarks, history, scrapbook, and current tabs? That is, is it feasible to install Firefox 3.6 over 8.0.1 without making it a brand new installation, losing everything that currently exists after I upgraded to 8.0.1? I am fearful of trying that without some guidance. I do have the Firefox 3.6 se