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Booked marked site favicon will not update

I was very pleased to read of a procedure reported to solve this problem as recently as April 2014, and documented at this link, There is one step where I am unable to obtain the same result as he one described at that link. That article reports: "That response is OK. You should see that all items in the history and bookmarks have lost their favicons and restore their favicons after revisiting a link." Unfortunately, none of the favicons have disappeared from bookmarks for history. They all remain, in effect thumbing their noses in a unified gesture of vulgarity. The original report in April 2014 reflects my sentiments so eloquently, I repeat it here: "A few days ago I changed a favicon on one of my sites and yet my Firefox bookmark favicon steadfastly remains the old favicon and will not update to the new one! " The procedure I followed today is to run this command in the Browser Console (after enabling the browser console): var fS = Components.classes[";1"] .getService(Components.interfaces.nsIFaviconService); fS.expireAllFavicons(); The response from the console is: undefined As mentioned at the start of the thread, "undefined" is an expected result, and all the icons in history and bookmarks should be blank. (** checking again ** verifying ** image attached **) I would request the opinion of a more informed practitioner of browser mechanics than myself and defer: how many blank favicons do you see in the attached image. Unfortunately, I am able to see none and these are the every favicons that require dismissal from their positions among my book marks. Yes, I deleted the bookmarks and then rebookmarked the page. Yes, the new favicon displays on the browser tab as normal. Correcting this problem is small price to pay to keep the cache system optimized for most efficient use of bandwidth is areas where the internet is not available. I look forward to paying this price in full, if I could possible discover how it can be accomplished

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