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clearing cache

I read instructions on clearing cookies and cache. Question, If I check the box to clear the cache, which your instructions said will require websites to reload images and data, will I lose all my photographs that are on several websites such as twitter and pinterest?

Firefox just did an update. Now somethings wrong.

I went to use Firefox. A message pops up wanting to know if I want to make Firefox my default browser. I thought I all ready had. ( This problem started after Firefox did an update ). Anyway, I clicked "yes". I am taken to a page on my computer that lists all the Aps I have. Firefox was listed but when I clicked on the Apt nothing happened. I tried again and now Firefox is not even listed. How can I make Firefox my default browser if it is not even listed? I am using Firefox to contact you n

firefox browser

I just found out my computer has Firefox installed for windows 8. The version is up to date. The problem is that I have windows 10 and have had windows 10 from since I first downloaded Firefox. Do you not have Firefox for windows 10?

how do I find

I just posted two questions to the community. When I click on "my questions" I am brought to a page that tells me there are no results for "in English" and to try another keyword. How do I get to see my question I posted?