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Kernel panic on startup?

I have a very strange and persistent kernel oops when I try to start FF 39.0, This is for a clean install with a new clean profile. Please understand this problem has suddenly started to happen after months of working without any problem except for an occasional crash while watching programs from Following a particularly nasty occurrence I was forced to Ctrl Alt F3 login as root and reboot. (ie my X session was locked out) Now whenever I try to start FF 39.0 I get the ke

Can I update ALL certificates?

Recently I am forced to run an old version 22.0 of Firefox on my Fedora 17 Linux computer. I now see "The connection was reset" whenever I access Although I do NOT see any problem doing the same with a more recent version 38.1.0 running under CentOS on a different machine. I am forced to use the old version because a manual install of the latest version 39.0 crashes, see I suspect that