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Do I have a malware addon?

I have Decentraleyes, Privacy Badger, Privacy Possum, UBlock origin, No Script, and Easy Youtube Video Downloader Express... All of which are recommended add ons. The other day I ended up with an issue where I was redirected to a "Prize" site. I have since wiped my drive and reloaded my OS... but I want to make sure this doesn't happen again. So here's the story I clicked on this website, and the first couple times I got this web page, which was different from what I was supposed to get,

There is a redirect attack posing as firefox.

See the image below. I was clicking on a site in the search and this happened. I am using linux mint.

No Firefox phones in US?

Since my threads keep being deleted I'll post another topic. Why aren't Firefox phones available in the US? I can find every other country but the US.

YouTube mobile no longer works

Android 4.4.2 Firefox 36.0.1 YouTube mobile now sends me back to 'what to watch' whenever I click play. The non mobile site works for the most part except that some vids demand flash. In chrome it works fine. And it was all working fine a while ago.

How do I get the search page to go away?

Every time I start my moto g I get a search page I never use covering the whole stupid screen. How do I get the desktop to appear instead?

How do you install the Firefox os?

''locking this thread as duplicate, please continue at [ /questions/1052039]'' I see no way to download it.