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password import from brave

i have created a .jsop file of my passwords from brave. how do i get this file into firefox passwords?

Importing bookmarks from chromium browers to firfox

I was switching my browser from Brave, a chrome based browser, back to Firefox because Brave doesn't can't run some of the stuff my uni learning management system (LMS). I tried importing my browser bookmarks and passwords to Firefox but the importing feature on Firefox doesn't show Brave as one of the browsers it can take the data from. I want to know if there's anyway I can fix this or if there's no hope for importing data from chromium browsers to Firefox.

Trouble importing bookmarks from HTML file

I exported my bookmarks from the Brave Browser, selected Bookmarks>Manage Bookmarks>Import and Backup>Import Bookmarks from HTML Then navigated to the HTML file the selected "Open" but noting changed except that a small number of the bookmarks appears under "Recent Bookmarks" when I again select Bookmarks. Each item in this list is repeated according to the number of times I tried to import them.

stored password security in firefox

I just installed Brave, and clicked on "Import settings & bookmarks", then chose Firefox from a popup list Without typing my password, or doing anything else, Brave then instantly imported all of the saved passwords that I had stored in Firefox. I can now view all of my most secret saved passwords of Firefox... in Brave This makes me wonder, if Brave can instantly import (and display in clear text) all of my Firefox saved passwords, couldn't any other rogue app do exactly the same? Shouldn't they be stored in an encrypted format, at least?

firefox now downloads files from audible and MP4 instead of AAX. Why?

When it happened the first time I contacted Audible & they suggested trying a different browser. I tried the 'Brave browser' and 'Safari'. Brave downloaded the book as an '.aa' file and Safari as an 'aax' file. Yesterday I tried 'Opera' and it also downloaded as an '.aax' file. Yesterday I also tried on my PowerBook Mac using an older version (87) of Firefox and it started downloading it as an 'aax' file before I stopped it. Also, when the first time it happened I did try changing the extension but iTunes would not allow me to import it.

Newly Loaded FIrefox Freezes System Playing Vid

I am using an Acer PC that is only a few years old and more than meets the requirements. I have 0 problems streaming the previously mentioned sitesn chrome, and can stream from a few places on Brave. I would like to cross over to the grey side, but streaming is very important and there are no substiutes. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you, Shawn

Deleted emails not showing up in Trash - Thunderbird 91.12.0 (32bit)

*if it works, haven't tried adding an image before thanks V102 has been release for new installs and the brave (or foolish) have downloaded it and installed it. General updates for the masses are still being held up until some of the nastier bugs the brave and foolish found are fixed, but general updates will be enabled soon is my understanding. Your account is POP and this is very important as how things woirk is completely different for POP and IMAP protocols (my image was IMAP as that has been the default for new accounts for about 10 years now) POP is rather old school, and sometimes harder to fix because it has no synchronization settings.

Rubbish Update

Look on your desktop. Do you see a folder called; '''Old Firefox?''' Look inside. Look for the folder with the latest creation date.

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