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Control whether Firefox automatically fills in forms

Disabling form history also prevents Firefox from storing search history for the Search bar in the Navigation Toolbar. Address Autofill: To turn off address autofill, see the article Automatically fill in your address on web forms. Troubleshooting If you find that Firefox does not save your form entries and you cannot re-use them, please read the article Firefox doesn't save web form entries.

Turn on/off saved logins, login sync and login autofill in Firefox for Android

Tap Sync logins. Follow the steps on the screen to pair your device via a QR code or by email login. Turn on autofill There are two settings available to autofill your saved logins when you visit a website or app: Autofill in Firefox – on by default Autofill in other apps – off by default Tap the menu button. Tap Settings.

Firefox doesn't save web form entries

Firefox's autocomplete feature lets you save and reuse text field entries in web forms. If you're no longer able to auto-fill your forms, follow these steps.

Automatically fill in your address on web forms

Click the Privacy & Security panel and scroll down to the Forms and Autofill section. Put a check mark in the box next to Autofill addresses to turn it on, or remove the check mark to turn it off. We recommend only turning on this feature for private computers. Autofill in non-address fields: To turn off text autofill in other types of fields, see the article Control whether Firefox automatically fills in forms.

Automatically fill in credit card information on Firefox for Android

Enable or disable credit card autofill Tap the Firefox menu and select Settings. Tap Credit cards. Tap the Save and autofill cards toggle to enable credit card autofill. Tap Add a credit card if you haven't added a card yet. Once you have enabled auto-complete for your cards, Firefox will automatically suggest and autofill card information from your stored cards every time you need to make a payment.

End of support for Firefox Lockwise

Switch the toggle next to Autofill in other apps on to bring up the Android Autofill Service menu. Tap Firefox and tap OK. Firefox for iOS (version 40 and above) Open the Settings app on your phone. Tap Passwords. Tap AutoFill Passwords. Tap Firefox.

Enable auto-fill on your Android devices

Enabling auto-fill will allow Firefox Lockwise to enter your login credentials across all your apps so that you don’t have to keep manually entering them. To enable auto-fill: Tap the Firefox Lockwise menu. Tap Settings. Toggle the Autofill control to turn it on. Tap the Lockwise radio button in the AUTOFILL SERVICE menu.

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