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Thunderbird makes unrequested connections

If it is set to true, double-click on it to set it to false. Extensions Installed and activated extensions may connect to the Internet. For example, a translation extension might connect to the Internet to look up words in a dictionary. See the Thunderbird add-ons - frequently asked questions for information about disabling add-ons.


Why is it most add-ons are for the older versions on Thunderbird. I have 91.0 and would like to use the card book add-on.

Schedule send solution add on won't add on

"There's a popular add-on for scheduling emails:" I downloaded it, clicked, and Microsoft says it doesn't know what to open it with.

No add-ons are working (except Lightning). Can't install add-ons

Hi I noticed that one of my add-ons were not working anymore. I tried to reinstall it, but got an error message. "The add-on downloaded from this site could not be installed because it appears to be corrupt." I then noticed that none of my add-ons were working except for the language pack and Lightning. I assumed I had a corrupt file in my profile folder. First I deleted the '''extensions.json''' file . That did not help. I wanted to clean up. I uninstalled all extensions. Then I deleted the following files and folders: '''addons.json''', '''addonStartup.json.lz4''', '''extensions.json''', '''extension-settings.json''', '''extensions''' and '''extension-store'''.

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