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firefox add on capitol1

Is this add on legitimate

metamask extension

Hello, my metamask browser extension screen is blank... like a white out. Can't type in my password or anything to open. Tried to log intop a protocol to see if it would stimulate metamask to initiate the password screen. but nothing


Downloaded some extensions, three to be precise. Can’t find them. Anyone please fill me in as to where they might be. Thanks Happy Thanksgiving

What is the Firefox Focus extension for Safari on IOS blocking exactly?

I am already using AdGuard with build-in and custom blocklists, so I am wondering what Firefox Focus is blocking exactly and whether it might be redundant to add it to my extensions for Safari on IOS. Would be good to have a info page on what the extension is doing/blocking to get a better picture of what is going on. The way it is now I have no idea what it is doing…


Firefox Focus has a dark theme, but most webpages that I visit do not appear in a dark theme.

Add-on support for Firefox Focus

Kindly allow add-on support in Firefox Focus. As Firefox nightly is not safe to use it's seems to be because in nightly version there is mentioned "enjoy at your own risk" so kindly provide add-ons to the firefox focus. So I can use it (firefox focus) in the place of Firefox nightly (which is risky)

What's New in Firefox Focus for iOS (Version 39)

Welcome to version 39 of Firefox Focus for iOS. Firefox Focus for iOS now has built-in light and dark themes so you can customize its appearance. You can also choose to have the theme set by your system. To learn more about Firefox Focus, see What is Firefox Focus for iOS? We hope you enjoy this new version. Thank you for supporting Firefox/Mozilla and our mission for privacy, safety and inclusion on the Web.

not satisfied

How do more add-on be added to my browser

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