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Manage Extensions

I am trying to manage Firefox extensions using a GPO using code below (Computer Configuration->Administrative Templates->Mozilla->Firefox->Extensions->Extension Management). The format below aligns with what is listed here "" and this is not working as expected. The goal is to only allow users to install the allowed extensions listed and everything else gets blocked. Please help? Not sure if related but I also have "Extension Update" enabled { "*": { "blocked_install_message": "Your admin has blocked adding this extension

Extensions -> can't auto enable them

We are using: ESR 91.4 32 bits I've tried to use: - Group Policy -> ExtensionSettings { "policies": { "ExtensionSettings": { "": { "installation_mode": "force_installed", "install_url": "file:///c:/Program Files (x86)/Ivanti/Workspace Control/Data/DBCache/Resources/custom_resources/Logiciels/Mozilla/extensions/" }, "": { "installation_mode": "force_installed", "install_url": "" } } } } - and Registry HKCU\Software\Policies\Mozilla\Firefox -> ExtensionSettings (REG_MULTI_SZ): { "": { "installation_mode": "force_installed", "install_url": "file:///c:/Program Files (x86)/Ivanti/Workspace Control/Data/DBCache/Resources/custom_resources/Logiciels/Mozilla/extensions/" }, "": { "installation_mode": "force_installed", "install_url": "" } } -> HKCU\Software\Policies\Mozilla\Firefox\Extensions\Install 1 (REG_SZ): c:\Program Files (x86)\Ivanti\Workspace Control\Data\DBCache\Resources\custom_resources\Logiciels\Mozilla\extensions\ 2 (REG_SZ): The result is: extension are installed, but always disabled.

v2.9 Policy Not allowing Extensions that are allowed to install.

I'm trying to force the install of the Okta extension for users in my environment. I just updated to the latest admx templates and I'm not allowed to install any extensions. My GPO JSON is as follows: { "*": { "blocked_install_message": "Custom error message.", "install_sources": ["about:addons",""], "installation_mode": "blocked", "allowed_types": ["extension"] }, "": { "installation_mode": "force_installed", "install_url": "" }, "Okta": { "installation_mode": "force_installed", "install_url": "" }, "": { "installation_mode": "allowed" } } Yes I'm getting the attached image on this when i'm trying to install it manually because it's not auto installing.

Access to about:debugging while blocking all extensions via GPO

Hello, As the title mentions, applying a block to all extensions via "*" by utilizing Extension Management GPO will block about:debugging. Is there a way to simultaneously have all extensions blocked and about:debugging available? Here's the JSON - { "*": { "installation_mode": "blocked" } } Appreciate your time and help, - Dom

Add exceptions for extension for a specific web site in cfg file

Hello, I have blocked all the extension with a cfg file in my company with : " //Extensions lockPref("xpinstall.whitelist.required", true); lockPref("xpinstall.enabled", false); " It's working but now i have to allow an extension for a specific website "https://mywebsite" but i dont how the exception has to be configured. I need your help please. Sam

deploying firefox-add-ons via group policies doesn't work anymore after proxy-change

Hello, I used to deploy add-ons via group policies - this worked like a charm: ''Firefox esr (91.11.0esr x64), ADMX-templates in Sysvol\PolicyDefinitions, Group Policies: User configuration, administrative templates, mozilla, firefox, add-ons --> install add-ons -->'' A few months ago, we had to change our network-configuration. We were using a proxy before, but our proxy had direct access to the internet. Now our proxy forwards everything to another proxy.

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