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How to localize the SUMO interface

We currently have two servers for SUMO: - our real server, also known as "prod" (short for "production") - out release testing server (this is not a server to test localizations - a broken string will be a broken string both here and on the production server). The strings you translate are regularly transferred to the testing and production servers, where you can see them in action. Where can I localize strings? We use different tools to localize UI strings, depending on the choices made by locale teams. Please ask your Locale Leaders about the details for your locale.

What information does Firefox Focus give out?

Like what mobile and other details? I checked out a page on a website called This tells you everything the websites can know about you. They give you an encrypted string score based on all information collected. I tried using Firefox Focus with different IP's. Each time I ran the test with a new IP, I still got the same encrypted string. That's just scary.

OpenPGP Recipient Alias Configuration

To enable the use of aliases, you must manually create a text file, and must configure Thunderbird to use the file. To configure and enable an alias file, open preferences, config editor. Set preference mail.openpgp.alias_rules_file to an empty string (default) to disable the use of aliases. To use a file that you have manually copied to the profile directory, enter its filename without a path (e.g. openpgp_alias_to_keys.json, no / or \\ characters are allowed). To use a file that is stored elsewhere on your system, you may enter a full file:// URL.

Firefox Extensions and Themes

The Mozilla Add-ons site uses your browser's user agent string to detect your Firefox version. Any alterations to the string may cause mis-detection. This forum recorded a completely blank user agent string for your post, which is weird. Do you use any settings or external middlemen (such as proxy servers) to modify your user agent string? For the internal setting, see: [[How to reset the default user agent on Firefox]] I have a test page here that shows the user agent string detected by the page:

Amazon Prime videos

I'm not sere if they are aware of the ESR version numbering. As a test, try to install [ this extension] and set Firefox 95 UA string for that website.

find bar displayl color

I tried to use those strings but am not sure how to test them. They do not appear to change things but the small amount of research I did seems to suggest there is a contrast test on some color selection but the contrast test algorithm seems to take into account color deficiency disorders, which indicated not all combinations will pass that test. If I inadvertently selected the wrong color (because I don't know the algorithm) it wont be used. I vaguely remember red being a problem color so colors containing red may be a problem, but I came across a technician that could not distinguish between red & green yet he qualified and was able to work on mains wiring.

Focus won't accept search engine changes

Which search engine are you trying to add? When you add the search string, it needs to match exactly what occurs when you use that engine's website to search. I tried adding bing, and it worked. For example, I added the following: Search engine name: Search string to use:'''%s''' When I went to, I just typed in "test" to see how the search string would appear. After I hit search, the URL bar showed "" and the rest of the URL, but the rest isn't needed.

only 1 character is being displayed when Clearing text field then entering new string value

When clearing text field then entering new value,only 1 character is being entered & displayed while string lengh is 10. I replicated the same steps in chrome , IE and Opera and it works fine in all of them. P.S: this issue is replicated manually and also when using automatic test scripts in Firefox 86.0 (GUI mode & Headless mode)

Firefox on linux seems to default to mobile - how to change globally

What is the user agent string of Firefox running your Raspberry Pi? You can find that on a fingerprinting test site or probably lots of other ways. I have a test page here if needed (it's the test in red):

please improve UI

Hi The functionality that was in the shield icon will be included in the lock icon moving forwards. Pull to refresh is currently being tested in the Nightly version of Firefox for Android and we hope to make it available to more people soon. You can add Brave search as a search engine if you use the string: '''''' I hope that this helps.

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