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Managing devices using Firefox Accounts

The current device will be listed first followed by the most recent Firefox Sync device/service logins. How do I use Firefox Accounts on my devices? Click here to learn more about how to add devices to your Firefox Account with Sync. Related articles Remove a synced device from Firefox Accounts Disable Firefox Sync on a lost phone or tablet Delete sync data from Firefox by signing out of Firefox Accounts

What's new in Firefox for iOS (version 34)

Search open and synced tabs We’ve included synced tabs to your tabs menu. Rather than having to open Your Library to search your tabs, we’ve included open and synced tabs in your search suggestions so you can access them all right from one search. If an open or synced tab matches your search, Firefox will automatically take you to your open tab. Tab improvements New tab list view View your open tabs without losing your page.

What's new in Firefox for iOS (version 106)

Learn how to change your wallpaper. Sync your tabs on mobile Recently synced tabs will now appear in the Jump Back In section of your homepage. This helps you seamlessly move between displaying your last open desktop tab on mobile and vice versa. You need to be signed into your Firefox Account for this feature to work. You also need to enable tab syncing in your Firefox sync settings. This is enabled by default, but learn more about how to manage this setting.

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