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Firefox Relay Premium FAQ

When they are no longer premium, if they try to create a new mask with the custom domain, emails will not flow through. Replies: A user can no longer reply if they have canceled their subscription. Is there a limitation on Replies I can send? A user can send up to 100 replies per day. Can I attach files to my messages? Yes. There is a 10 MB attachment size limitation. Do you store my emails? We do not read or store any of your messages.

Register your own domain with Firefox Relay Premium

Do I have to create a custom mask before I can use it at an establishment? You don't need to create a custom mask before you can use it. As soon as someone sends an email to a mask that belongs to your domain, it will be automatically generated in your dashboard. Can I manually create a custom domain mask? You can generate a custom domain mask from your dashboard by clicking on Generate New mask and then selecting your domain from the menu.

I forgot my password for Firefox Account and I can't log into Firefox Relay

On the Sign in page, type your Firefox Account email and click Continue. Click Forgot password? You will be asked to enter the email address associated with your Firefox Account. Firefox will send you a reset email. Follow the instructions received in your email to change your password. After signing in with your new password, remember to update your password on each of your synced devices. Once you’ve changed your password, log in to Firefox Relay with your new password.

Firefox Relay Forwarding Nickname

What should I do to correct this error : "Firefox Relay will send messages to your inbox when you enable the forwarding for this nickname". I do not receive messages in my email box