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Scenes in Hubs

Create Scene with Spoke You can also create your own custom scene using Spoke our scene creation tool. In Spoke, you can either create a new project, remix an existing Hubs scene, or import a Spoke project someone sends you. Learn more about how to Get Started with Spoke.

AWS account not in Sandbox but admin panel still shows it and emails are not sent

Hello, I deployed Hubs via AWS, everything is working properly but sending emails to users to log in. My AWS account is not in the Sandbox but admin panel still shows this information. No emails (except for the administrator) are sent out. I also tried to setup SMTP via SendGrid but this resulted in sending no email at all (even for the administrator). Could there be any setup I am missing? Many thanks for any kind of help. Josef

Hubs: Room Notification at Entry

How does the "notify me when others arrive" button send notifications? to email? or firefox desktop notifications? I cannot trigger any notifications. I've tried MacOS and Windows 10, firefox, safari and chrome. enabled push notifications on each browser and os.

Sound not working in screen share

Hi, it is not currently possible to share sound in a hubs in the screenshare feature. There is an experimental feature on Google Chrome on PC that lets you do this (when you screenshare there is an option to "share computer audio"). Some folks use a "virtual cable" to send desktop computer sound out as a "virtual audio cable" that can be used as the microphone input for an avatar to act as a "speaker" for the computer audio.

AWS domain failed launch hub

Had played a bit around last night so everything was working fine. When I clicked again today it said "Sever Not Found" with an error fallback page. I might have done something wrong with renaming route, but I checked again and everything looks normal to me. Please send help thanks :')

Avatar head falls sideways

Happy to dig out some links to some examples of it helps. Thanks again for looking into this - it makes sense that the large number of objects is creating the problem. Can you please send me some links to examples of scenes that use the "doorways" method? Is that the same as the method of pasting the link to another hubs room within the scene? It would be great to avoid having to wait for the objects to load while opening another scene, but I will definitely explore that option if it means my project is more playable!

Google Earth with Mozilla Hubs

I mean, i love both Hubs and Earth, but since the 2 are note very related,I like them for very different reasons But i personally feel '''Mozilla can incorporate the Earth part''' , rather than making Earth look and feel like Hubs ... Maybe an Earth (symbol) in the webpage , where it looks a lot like Google Earth (bcos it mostly is ), but we have a link (just like Hubs) which we can send to others and they can join and have a virtual tour of any location in the world Geez, this means , for instance, if I want to meet my friend(s) on top of the Empire State Building or the Burj Khalifa, it means i really can !!!

oculus Rift since Update of Hubs doesn't connect any more

But I don't understand why I can't get in on Mozilla.Hubs. before entering, i can choose for the Sound the VR Audio of my rift. But then I have to enter the desktop mode . Does anyone have an Idea? If this is the wrong platform than I'm really sorry and would appreciate it, if you can send me a link where I can place my Problem. Kind regards Peter