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New in Thunderbird 60

Everyone using maildir needs to be aware that it is still experimental and use may reveal further unknown bugs that result in dataloss. End of support for Windows XP and Vista Consistent with the withdrawal of support for Windows XP and Vista for Firefox 60, Thunderbird no longer supports these two legacy operating systems. Thunderbird 52 is the last version of Thunderbird available for those two operating systems.

Interation with Thunderbird

''if I click on link in email in Thunderbird, it opens in Firefox but Thunderbird is closing. FF is default browser. It happening after installing upgrades to FF and Thunderbird, upgrade to FF is last. My desktop PC is HP Pavilion, OS is Win 10, last (auto) upgrade.

After 78.7.1 update can't link to URLs in received messages

On 1-23-21 it said that I was running Version 78.6.1 (64-bit) and today after the update it said I was running Version 78.7.1 (64-bit). Before this update yesterday, when I clicked on a URL in a link in a received message, Thunderbird opened my default browser, Firefox, and displayed the page at that URL. (I have been doing this in Thunderbird for years.) Today after the update, nothing happens when I click on links in received messages, and when I click on “Thunderbird help” under the “Help” tab in the main menu, the writing on the main menu dims, and nothing happens.

Thunderbird will not accept my password. I can neither send nor receive messages.

followed by Login to server with username vanw39 failed. At one point I thought I had remembered the correct password, but when I entered it the following message appeared at the bottom of the screen: GmailforVan: Connected to… After a few moments, a window titled Activity Manager window popped up in the upper left corner with this message: Connection to server timed out. Can anyone help me get Thunderbird working again? Yes, I can send and receive email using Gmail, but I really want to get back all my saved messages.

Bug in Thunderbird 95beta2

Click on your operating system for instructions on how to start in safe mode: [ Windows 10], [ Windows 8], [ Windows 7], [ Windows Vista], [

Thunderbird October 20 update required by Yahoo - Authentication not supported???

i'm worried that after more than 20 years I won't be able to use Thunderbird any longer. If you don't have app password options in your account settings, it may be because your browser, Firefox 52, is no longer supported by Yahoo mail. Windows 7 is probably the minimum requirement for any current browser or email program. A computer that originally came with Vista can probably run Win7 or W10 (I have an XP desktop that runs W10), or one of the light Linux versions.

Hyperlinks not working unless FFox is default

Since the latest updates, Thunderbird no longer opens up hyperlinks unless Firefox is the default browser. Sorry to say that FF is not my Browser of choice, and Chrome is. I now have to copy the URL and manually open up the link from TB. Please fix this.

I have changed a password for one account, both pop3 and smtp. They bot appear to work, but I can't send mail!l

I have a whole stack of emails in the sent folder which have not actually gone anywhere. Using Windows 7 and Thunderbird 78.12.0 (32 bit). If I put the wrong password in with smtp, thunderbird just waits it seems. If I delete the smtp password line then thunderbird asks me for a password which I give but the mail doesn't get sent (no error messages). I can of course logon to webmail and send and receive. I have about a dozen different accounts all using Thunderbird which have never given me problems.

Thunderbird stopped being able to access yahoo mail

Click on your operating system for instructions on how to start in safe mode: [ Windows 10], [ Windows 8], [ Windows 7], [ Windows Vista], [