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Firefox update for Windows Server 2008 r2

Can I install the latest Firefox on my Windows Server 2008 r2, or do I have to worry about compatibility issues? Is there a specific Firefox version for my OS? Thanks in advance for the help.

Firefox deployment and bookmarks backup

Hello All, I'm planning to push a big update to all users (2000+). And from what I can see all are using different versions of the Firefox from the 40.x.x - 77.x.x. I'm able to push an update with .exe or .msi but getting into the issue with the users loosing bookmarks and saved passwords and the only way to get it back go to the backup Firefox folder. Is there any way to automate this with the script or parameters and put those bookmarks and passwords? Thanks in advance!

Widevine CDM plug-in issue. I can not stream any video, please help

Your user agent shows that you possibly run Firefox in compatibility mode: Windows NT 6.0 = Windows Vista and not Windows XP (5.2) as reported in the system details. *User Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.0; rv:52.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/52.0 Check that you do not run Firefox in compatibility mode. You can open the Properties of the Firefox desktop shortcut via the right-click context menu and check the "Compatibility" tab. Make sure that all items are deselected in the "Compatibility" tab of the Properties window. This can also be caused by having enabled "Resist Fingerprinting".

Firefox runs but won't load any webpages

I was in a zoom class with my browser open when the power flickered on and off a couple of times. Firefox runs, but it will no longer display web pages, including the ones that are embedded in the browser (add ons & themes, etc.). Additionally there are a number of *.dll's that seem to be corrupted. I have reinstalled the browser and refreshed it and neither have worked. There was a general problem with Windows as well, but the latest update seemed to correct those problems. The web address doesn't even appear in the address bar.

Black screen crashes on Windows 7

On 91.0 32 bit Firefox my Windows 7 machine black screen crashes and resets when viewing: Done all the usual checks, even running dos based memory check. All updates in place.

YouTube videos

I need support by phone!!! All your support answers on the web page do not help. Many of the answers suggest going to options. FIREFOX DOESN'T HAVE AN OPTIONS BUTTON. I have donated to Mozilla. If you can't help me, I certainly won't be donating ever again.

Firefox keeps crashing despite a complete reinstall.

I need help. Since several weeks, Firefox will randomly begins to crash. Black screen, white screen, everything in between... I tried updating my laptop's drivers, a complete reinstallation of Firefox, down to erasing files inside the computer... The problem disappears for maybe a few days, and then bang, here it is again. Here are the five latest crash reports: I'm not that tech savvy, and at my wit's end.

Your Last Update.

You may be well-meaning by I find your tactics despicable. You used to be a thoughtful company but i guess the good ones can't maintain thine own integrity when folx like Google shows up and slams everybody against the wall with their snooping! I've been using your browser for a very long time because I thought you were more considerate than the likes of Microsoft and Chrome. Capitalism has 'eff'ed everybody up I guess; why should you be any different. PLEASE don't change my settings UNLESS I ASK YOU TO. I am not stupid and don't need you to make choices for me.

Interation with Thunderbird

''if I click on link in email in Thunderbird, it opens in Firefox but Thunderbird is closing. FF is default browser. It happening after installing upgrades to FF and Thunderbird, upgrade to FF is last. My desktop PC is HP Pavilion, OS is Win 10, last (auto) upgrade.

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