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Cannot load outlook mail on firefox

see screenshot The Windows Vista/XP platform is no longer supported, so you can no longer update Firefox beyond Firefox 52.9.0. Current Firefox releases require Windows 7 and newer. Users on Windows XP and Vista have been moved to the Firefox 52 ESR release. * It is possible that Outlook no longer works with Firefox 52 as that version is quite old.

Firefox Update

I don't want to allow updates, as they are becoming more frequent; i can only assume they are in league with the likes of a microsoft update which is, essentially, a fishing device to scan my computer to record my searches and communications so they might sell that information, or, for other more nefarious reasons. i HAVE stopped the ability to update from Windows - internally. Just because I'm paranoid doesn't mean "they're" not out to get me, right? Funny, huh? There's one other thing, however. I can't communicate with customers. And when I can't communicate with customers, I LOSE MONEY. ... fix it.

firefox not finding url sites

_encoding=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&linkCode=ur2&tag=flashpcom-20&sbSource=linksbar The event viewer has this message: source cryp32: Failed extract of third-party root list from auto update cab at: with error: Unknown cryptographic algorithm. This laptop is 32 bit, Windows XP. Thank you for your help....would like to update to new firefox browser. John King

Chatzilla ChatZilla 0.9.93 was the last version, released back in Nov 2016. Note Firefox 52.'''9'''.0 esr was the last version and the only reason to use an old version like this because of say Windows XP or Vista.

Firefox crash lead to BSOD

Why Firefox cause BSOD with ntfs.sys fail code. Firefox seems to crash tabs too frequently during these days and these crush lead to BSOD. I am getting annoyed using Firefox and if this problem still dont solve, I will probably looking for another browser.

when watching a video on YouTube, the message "you cannot play the video in this browser" appears

Please tell me how to fix the situation with online video playback on YouTube? (and on other sites the problem is the same) a message appears "you cannot play the video in this browser" when you click on the "more" link, the following message appears ... how to be maybe that in the settings, although I did not change anything? operating system windows xp 32 browser mozila 52.5.2.

Windows Server 2003 Compatibility

How can I download the latest version of Firefox available for Windows Server 2003?

Menu language

HI. My wife has an old PC, version XP, and I think the FF version is 56. The menu bar is in Thai, one of the most difficult languages in the world, and I can't use it. Advice pages tell me to "click on this or that button" which doesn't help at all- no buttons. I want to change what she sees on start up and add a passwords manager, respectively see what passwords are stored in FF. (After repair, she lost her password to her Gmail account). Thanks....

Taskbar icon changes, link stops working on Windows 10

I keep a link to Firefox on my Windows 10 taskbar for easy access. Periodically, the link icon changes to the icon for a different app on my computer, and the link no longer works - Windows asks me if I want to remove the broken link when I click on it. I remove the link, go to the Start menu and pin the Firefox link to the taskbar again. Then at some point - as soon as a few minutes later or as long as a few days later, it happens again. Sometimes it happens while I am using Firefox, but I don't know if this is always the case because sometimes I just notice it when I go to open it for the first time in a session.


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