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YouTube videos

I need support by phone!!! All your support answers on the web page do not help. Many of the answers suggest going to options. FIREFOX DOESN'T HAVE AN OPTIONS BUTTON. I have donated to Mozilla. If you can't help me, I certainly won't be donating ever again.

Your Last Update.

You may be well-meaning by I find your tactics despicable. You used to be a thoughtful company but i guess the good ones can't maintain thine own integrity when folx like Google shows up and slams everybody against the wall with their snooping! I've been using your browser for a very long time because I thought you were more considerate than the likes of Microsoft and Chrome. Capitalism has 'eff'ed everybody up I guess; why should you be any different. PLEASE don't change my settings UNLESS I ASK YOU TO. I am not stupid and don't need you to make choices for me.

Interation with Thunderbird

''if I click on link in email in Thunderbird, it opens in Firefox but Thunderbird is closing. FF is default browser. It happening after installing upgrades to FF and Thunderbird, upgrade to FF is last. My desktop PC is HP Pavilion, OS is Win 10, last (auto) upgrade.

HTML5 player for windows xp 32 bit sp3 Firefox 52.9.1 ESR

Hello,I have Windows XP 32 bit with service pack 3 and Firefox 52.9.1 ESR browser. Now that adobe flash player is history I can't play videos online that are not on youtube. I can still watch youtube videos. Is there a HTML5 video player or something else I can install on this old system that will work or is that not possible? I know it's an old system but it still does the job. Thanks.

windows 11 having issues with firefox

windows 11 is having problems with trying To install firefox, it keeps telling it has a bad image or a error and keeps referring to the file msvcp140.dll

Computer locked up after Firefox updates downloaded

When Firefox downloaded the latest patches - 96.0 and 96.01 - my computer has stopped working properly. Websites won't load, everything freezes up, get error message "Not responding". I've tried a few things to fix it - virus scan, resetting systems to previous date before the updates, etc. Nothing has fixed this.


I need someone to respond as soon as possible. I can not get into my msn/outlook email. keep getting error: not loading javascript. XPS/System. Firefox version. 52.7.3 I can not upgrade due to older operating system. Please help me.

After 78.7.1 update can't link to URLs in received messages

On 1-23-21 it said that I was running Version 78.6.1 (64-bit) and today after the update it said I was running Version 78.7.1 (64-bit). Before this update yesterday, when I clicked on a URL in a link in a received message, Thunderbird opened my default browser, Firefox, and displayed the page at that URL. (I have been doing this in Thunderbird for years.) Today after the update, nothing happens when I click on links in received messages, and when I click on “Thunderbird help” under the “Help” tab in the main menu, the writing on the main menu dims, and nothing happens.

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