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Sign Off (shutdown) Crashing is Constant

I really like the facility of using Thunderbird, as it lets me implement my AOL messages in such a manner that it is easier to search within historical emails from individual parties. However, I have never been able to use the program without it crashing upon closing the session. It doesn't matter how I "exit" or "close", or just X-out the program, within a minute or so I get a gray box which says that "Thunderbird Has Crashed", and asks for my comments....every....single....time. Is there some way around having to close out the "Crash Box", after the crash ? Why do you think I always crash on the way out ? Thanks for your help, of any kind. Dave S. (DLSWEBZ@AOL.COM)

Crash Help. @ nvumdshim.dll | igd10umd32.dll

For some time now, my Thunderbird keeps crashing. I have tried uninstalling and re-installing. Have also tried removing all add-ons. I use windows 7 and my crash id is; Crash ID: bp-e71e6e20-2f35-47e8-b9dc-2edea0210105 Any help would be greatly appreciated. Am at my whits end.

Deleting email messages causes crash

When I try to highlight a range of messages, Thunderbird crashes. For example, if I highlight an email, then click Shift, then click the end of the range of emails I want to highlight, Thunderbird used to highlight the entire range. With the update I received today (10/22/2021), though, as soon as I click on the last element of the range, Thunderbird crashes.

Thunderbird crashes @ olmapi32.dll | EtwpUpdateEnableInfoAndCallback at startup

After restart of my Windows 8.1 laptop this morning and a Thunderbird update, I guess (saw the update window), Thunderbird is crashing at startup. Restarting the computer, starting Thunderbird in safe mode, or deleting manually the profile cache result in the same crash. Crash ID is: bp-dffd7ba8-b579-40ae-86fc-59f430211028 Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

Thunderbird crashes on sending mails

Thunderbird crashes when sending message showing below id in crash report but not able to submit. c368c6ee-1abc-45fc-99ea-beec4039eb0a

Thunderbird crashes on startup (also in safe mode)

I am getting consistent crashes on start up in safe mode on Windows 10. TB: 91.7.0 Crash ID: bp-97be5c5b-8de3-4e5d-b37a-5e7671220331 I'm hoping someone can help; I've been using TB for many years with no problems until yesterday.

how can I stop from crashing

Thunderbird has pretty much been crashing at least once per day for a long time. (two years). I'm generally just too busy/lazy to submit the crash reports but I have submitted about 30 as recently as today and will continue. STEPS TAKEN * Running the Latest version of Thunderbird ( 91.5.1 32-bit ) * Safe Mode. Still crashes. * I only have 4 extensions and while one is not quite ready for TB91, removing it doesn't affect how often it crashes. * the extensions are Expression NG, Manually sort folders, Provider for Google Calenday and Remove Duplicates

Crash after 5 minutes

The initial beta releases of recent versions routinely crashed after a few minutes, but the problem was promptly fixed in subsequent updates. The problem is back in 82.0b1 and has not yet been resolved in 82.0b2. I suspect it is the same bug that appeared in previous versions and was fixed ... but seems to have crept back in. This time I have examined crash reports more carefully and noted that it occurs after *exactly* 5 minutes uptime with the error described as EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION_READ at address 0x28.

Why does tb 90+ crash all the time in Windows 10 (meaning open TB, 1 minute later crashed)

Why does tb 90+ crash all the time in Windows 10 (meaning open TB, 1 minute later crashed) I reverting to 78 cured the issue instantly I had installed 78 initially - then automated updates occurred and crashing started. Then the latest few upgrades in October resulted in continuous crashing - almost immediately after opening. For days I couldn't write messages. Receiving often ok because the messages came in fast enough. I used my Android phone in duplicate. I finally went back to 78.x (the last one) and with the very helpful comments about how to use -p opened the profile with my 20 years of emails and 4 accounts successfully but no address book which is a nuisance (I will follow those instructions in due course).

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