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Thunderbird Crashes

A crash is what happens when Thunderbird closes unexpectedly. After a crash, the Mozilla Crash Reporter gives you the option to report it to Mozilla.

Mozilla Crash Reporter TB

The Mozilla Crash Reporter dialog box appears when Thunderbird crashes and lets you send a crash report. Learn how it works and how to access your crash reports.

thunderbird crashes constantly

Today Thunderbird has crashed on numerous occasions. it restarts and stays live for a while then crashes again. My updates are automatic and up to date. What should I do?

Thunderbird repeatedly crashes

Thunderbird 91.5 running on a fully updated Ubuntu 18.04 linux 4 weeks ago Thunderbird started to crash a lot. Usually within 2-10 minutes of starting. Often the keyboard commands do not work (delete and arrow buttons), and almost always a few seconds after this it crashes. Reinstall didn't change anything. Delete and fresh install didn't change anything. Creating a new profile did not make any difference. Closing all other programs so only Thunderbird running makes no difference. Crash reports submitted with every crash. No idea what is going on but for practical purposes Thunderbird has been dead for the last month.


Have noticed a lot of crashes since 94.0b4. This just started since the update. Lots of issues updating large mailboxes, also appears that mail may be downloading more than once. Updates and mail checks seem slow. Activity manager shows lots of pauses and waits. Anyone else see this?

Thunderbird 68.12 regularly crashing @ NS_CycleCollectorSuspect3

I have been unable to upgrade past 68.12 due to google calendar provider not being supported. I will look into this again. Here's a selection of crash reports. It would be helpful to know if there is anything obvious that it is crashing over. Crash ID: bp-9537c991-c484-45fe-91ff-2baaa0200915 Crash ID: bp-611e735f-8085-4b61-8340-b38eb0200915 Crash ID: bp-611e735f-8085-4b61-8340-b38eb0200915 Crash ID: bp-dd572799-2413-45a8-a40e-120120200916 Crash ID: bp-340378da-015c-46bc-a2f1-5b0b40200917 Crash ID: bp-beb6c491-bcdc-438f-9103-8cca50200917 Thanks

Thunderbird 91.1.1 crashes

After doing what I needed to do, I X's out of Thunderbird and walked away from my PC (Windows 10 21H1). A little while later, I get the Crash Reporter on my screen. I report the crash. All good. Same thing continues to happen every time I launch and exit Thunderbird. A few Crashes ago, I noticed that the Crash Reporter is failing to send the reports. Just says 'There was a problem sending your report.'. I go into %APPDATA%\Thunderbird\Crash Reports\ and I have 13 unreported reports (one DMP file and one EXTRA for each, so a total of 26 files).

ver 68.11 crashes on exit

uninstalled addons, reverted to default theme, started in safe mode several times, and still crashes (crash reporter) on exit. expecting a fix for two months, and yes covid-19. Lightning was only extension removed days ago. Cannot find reference from crash reporter. Always happens, safe mode or not.

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