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I should have a crash report ! I dont see one. I woke up this morning and it crashed in my sleep ? Make a crash report for me ?

Regular crashes on Android

Hello, I'm a faithful user of Firefox on Android, trying to avoid Chrome as much as possible... but the experience has been generally awful, with Firefox crashing randomly about 3-4 times a day, with no clear pattern of what might be causing the crash. Here are a few links to the crash reports; there seem to be several different bugs, which makes it difficult to troubleshoot or report (e.g. to bugzilla): If no one here has a better idea of what might be causing this, I suppose I'll have to go through opening bug reports for every one of those...

Constant Crash

I was a chrome user but when I know about Firefox beta for my HTC 10 evo I start using firefox. But from the starting till now it keeps crashing. Whenever I was in an important work like survey Firefox beta crashed constantly. I have reported and send mails to support several times. But they didn’t give me solutions of this problem.I really want to use and be an permanent member of mozilla. Please do something about this.

Firefox crashes while downloading on android

Firefox crashes almost every time I download something. It's all, I don't have any other info or a clue what to do I tried to add some info about that crash, but there is nothing in crash reports. It's like info about it wasn't send but I've done it right now

Firefox 93.1.0 android started crashing

Hi, Firefox 93.1.0 android has started repeatedly crashing on my Samsung A12. Never had problem before. Loads of crash reports.

Firefox about:config always crashes

Hello I have been recently trying to use firefox about:config on firefox with my kindle fire hd 10(9th gen) but it just crashes the app the moment it loads.

Crash when searching selected text

Every time I try to search selected text by "Wyszukaj" from the expanded menu (on the second screenshot) Firefox crashes. My device is Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 with MIUI 12.5.7. Firefox for Android v97.1.0.

Firefox for Android crashes way too much

It can't handles multiple tabs. whenever I tried to open '''8-10''' tabs it crashes automatically.

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