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The app suddenly crashes.

The app sometimes crashes suddenly. I've tried closing unnecessary tabs, reinstalling apps and restarting my iPhone to improve the situation, but it hasn't changed. If you have been in the same situation and have improved it, or if you are a specialist who knows how to improve it, please let us know how to improve it. [My device information] Model --- iPhone SE (1st generation) OS --- iOS15 (19A5325f) iPhone model number --- A1723 (MLXQ2J/A) Firefox Version --- 36.0(5732)

Firefox crashes continuously on iOS 15.6

Hi, My apps are automatically updating so I cannot tell what triggered these crashes. But Firefox now crashes continuously, as soon as I start the app. I am running an up to date iOS 15.6 on iPhone XS. It is impossible to use Firefox on my iPhone, not even for one second. I hope you can fix this.

Firefox crashes whenever I open it

I’ve been using Firefox on both my iPhone and iPad, but suddenly, whenever I open it on the iPad it immediately closes. It has no problem on the iPhone. I’ve uninstalled it an reinstalled it, and after I’ve logged back in, it crashes immediately.

Firefox crashes with iOS Big Sur

I just changed to a brand new Macbook Pro and transferred what I still want to keep from the old Macbook Pro. Got an updated (latest version) of Firefox for iOS. It crashes all the time. Google Chrome doesn't. Perhaps should I then use Chrome. However, I'm so used to Firefox and all my old bookmarks are there. Anyone that have experienced the same problem and know how to solve it in a simple way? Thanks in advance. Mario

Update to iOS15 followed by Firefox app crashes

After update to iOS 15 this week, my previously rock-solid FF app (on auto-updates) is now crashing repeatedly on switching to the app or opening the app. I keep 6-8 tabs open for quick access which are not full of video, music, or animations. IPhone 12 mini has plenty of storage. Quick reference between other tasks is not quick when switching to or opening FF brings up the “this is embarrassing” message and then I have to wait for tabs to reload. Have not updated iPad yet.

Constant crashes when syncing enabled on Firefox app for iOS

I am experiencing constant crashes while using Firefox app for iOS. The error message is the standard “Well this is embarrassing” message with no additional context. It appears to be occurring when sync is enabled - when I have it disabled I don’t experience any crashes, or at least so infrequently that I don’t notice it. While syncing is enabled however it crashes no matter what I am doing at the time, and as frequently as every couple minutes. The version in settings is Firefox daylight 102.1. I have uninstalled and reinstalled a couple times but the issues persists.

App crashes randomly/constantly since updating to iOS15

The Firefox app has been consistently crashing, something right upon opening the app and sometimes during searches/using it after a bit. This only started happening since updating to iOS15

Crashes on iphone7

Firefox crashes constantly.

Firefox crash on startup

Since update 29 Firefox crashes on start up I have tried both update 29.1 and 29.2 and still crashes

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