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Crashing since update

Firefox 90.1.1 suddenly crashes continually, rebooting my Samsung galaxy 5.05 tablet every time. Originally crash reports were sent but no crash reports are possible or listed now. (I did not supprime data, only cache) I have reinstalled. Is my tablet obsolete? Am I doomed to use the dark power? Thx in advance for help.

Mozilla VPN will not open.

I had 3 laptops running Windows 10 Home 64 bit, version 20H2 . Now 1 of the laptops will not Open. I uninstalled VPN and reinstalled it, same problem, but I keep trying to Open VPN then Mozilla Firefox crashes, I forwarded the crash report but have heard nothing back. I am logged in to Firefox with my account. Regards Dave Fooks.

Playing videos on utube

Help me with all the pop ups on my Phone live video's stop crashing

Trouble with newest download

Dear Fire Fox: Recent PC crash, caused Fire Fox to erase. When installing a new down load, I lost my previous Fire Fox add-on's. I had 3 Emails covered by breech search, and bought and paid for the up-graded Privacy Network. How can I get these back ?? Your system wants me to re-purchase the Privacy Network, but it's already been charged to my credit card.. Can You Help ??