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Syncing, Exiting or Searching Firefox Lockwise (Android) Yields "java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: NetworkCallback was already unregistered"

To reproduce, unlock your AT&T Galaxy S8+ running Android 9 & have Firefox Lockwise connected to your device. Then, perform the following: # Open Lockwise through the app drawer # Try searching for a credential and hit the back button # Hit the back button again to exit the app # Witness crash of "java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: NetworkCallback was already unregistered" Also can occur during syncs, too.

Please just allow adding passwords on mobile

For example, I just tested: # Start Firefox Lockwise (Android) # Clicked the (+) icon in the bottom right to add a new login # Filled out the information for domain, username & password # Exited out and crashed the application as expected. # Relaunched the application, dragged down & released to force a sync. # Crash the application again # In Firefox (Desktop), forced a sync # Viewed in Passwords/Password Manager that the new domain I added was present. However, it sounds like this is not the steps you are taking/action you are trying to perform.

Problem seeing imported accounts and passwords

If I click on the button to login (I am already logged in), that ribbon goes away and leaves me in the passwords section showing that no accounts have been imported. My bookmarks were successfully imported. I then tried to do this by exporting a csv from chrome and importing that, it seemed to import OK, and then the tab crashed, result no import of passwords. I then entered in safe mode, did the import of the csv and it worked! I could successfully login to my usual sites using the stored information. However, when I exit and enter again normally, it tells me there are no accounts and passwords stored (confirmed by the fact that opening any site that I have an account on has no autofill, etc.).