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Firefox keeps crashing

Firefox keeps crashing. It loads and then after a minute or so it crashes. Just started today; yesterday and before this I never had this problem.


When after closing the browser a notification of the browser crashing comes up and the computer has nightly. developer and firefox installed, Is this because of multiple versions of firefox and should they be uninstalled so there is only one?

Firefox crashing

Firefox not starting and giving me Crash report. What's up.


newest version kept crashing various pages I regularly visit. Uninstalled and then installed older version and keeps happening even though NO addons or even any bookmarks anymore.

firefox crashes constantly

Firefox 90.0.2 crashes constantly since last update, Crashes several times an hour no matter what site I visit

Tab crashing

Help me with the tab crash! It's very common

Firefox crashing randomly

Recently, often when I'm casually browsing the web Firefox tends to crash. When it does, it won't start up for a couple of times. When I start it back up it will immediately crash again. Sometimes it takes an hour or a system reboot to fix it. Even if I'm just watching a video on Youtube it will sometimes crash out of the blue. Starting in safe mode crashes as well. I'm having some more weird issues with my PC lately, like games crashing or getting RAM-related Bsod's. I really hope someone can help me with this issue because it might also give me some more insight into what's going on with my PC.

Firefox crashes

Firefox periodically crashes several times a day over the past few months. The last few days, Firefox began to crash almost every time when i try to open absolutely different web sites. All other software i use and other browsers don't crash at all.

Constant Browser Crashing

Firefox has been constantly crashing the last few days. Sometimes the tab crashes but the window remains open, sometimes the entire window crashes. I followed the steps on the troubleshoot page (except for checking RAM errors) but everything is up to date. The browser also crashes when starting up Safe Mode. Here's the Report ID: bp-bf163db4-86a7-47ff-9804-215f30210508 Thanks

Keeps crashing

Browser keeps crashes {ec8030f7-c20a-464f-9b0e-13a3a9e97384}

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