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Android: Block cookie consent

Dear Firefox Community, how come you cannot use the add-on "Consent Blocker" or "I don't care about cookies" with the ANDROID Browser? Is there an alternative? It is more than annoying to have to consent to cookies every time you want to use google. I really don't want to change browsers, but if firefox has no solution I will have to! Thank you!

Google Cookie Consent - WHY?

Firefox Focus doesn't store cookies so you will be presented with the Google consent screen, regardless, every time you launch the app. I appreciate a blanket "accept all cookies" isn't practical for every website. But surely a way of ignoring/accepting the Google cookie consent form can be built in to Firefox Focus somehow?

Google "before you continue" won't go away when I click 'I agree'.

Like many users, I find Google's 'before you continue' pop-up annoying. Because I automatically delete cookies on browser exit, it keeps popping up as it doesn't remember my settings. I have installed Google Consent Dialog Remover, and it has been working well... until now. I just did a search for a place, and tried to click on the map to go to Google Maps. The dialog intruded, despite the add-on. But worse than that, when I clicked 'I agree', nothing happened! I cannot get to the maps page at all.

Trackers and scripts Firefox blocks in Enhanced Tracking Protection

Cross-site tracking cookies Cross-site tracking cookies follow you from site to site to gather data about what you do online. This is most often done without your knowledge or consent. Data firms and analytics companies use these cookies to track you, profile you, make inferences about your interests, and retarget you with ads. Because these cookies are set by a different company than the website you’re on, they’re also referred to as third-party tracking cookies. Cookies Firefox blocks and doesn’t block By default, Firefox blocks the cookies that track your browsing activity across multiple websites.

having some issue with website opening in firefox

[[GDPR training|]] is important so that they do not make one silly mistake that snowballs into a hefty fine not only this but you also must have a [[cookie consent|]] banner on your website.

hi, probably an adblocker or one of your other addons is blocking the cookie consent screen on that page. [[Websites look wrong or appear differently than they should]]

Graue und verschwommene Seiten

hi erich, probably an adblocker or one of your other addons is blocking the cookie consent screen on such pages. [[Websites look wrong or appear differently than they should]]

Google Keeps Asking

Hi Graham, generally speaking, sites set a cookie so they know that they already prompted you for your consent. Firefox sends a site its cookies every time it requests a new file. If the cookie is missing because it got cleared, the site will ask again. There are many reasons that cookies might get cleared when you close Firefox, including using private windows and setting Firefox to clear cookies. Most of these settings would be on the Settings page, Privacy & Security panel, but also some add-ons may clear cookies. Are you able to track it down?

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