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Please explain how to completely remove QuickForms, not just "temporarily".

I need to remove QuickForms.

I have Firefox as my default browser (preferred), and tried to download some software and finished up with QuickForms as my browser (when I click on the firefox icon, QuickForms comes up blocking my Firefox browser. I have tied many times, but have had no luck in removing theis nast piece of junk. Thank you.

Hijacked by quickforms; Can't see its name in add-ons or programs to uninstall it; it's invisible

([[How to set the home page]]) Oh, I should have checked the data you shared about your add-ons: this one looks suspicious: Sponsored Search by QuickForms If it also interferes with using the Add-ons page, it's best to restart in Firefox's Safe/Troubleshoot Mode. In that mode, Firefox temporarily deactivates extensions. ''If Firefox is running:'' You can restart Firefox in Safe/Troubleshoot Mode using either: * "3-bar" menu button > Help > Troubleshoot Mode...


my firefox browser has been taken over by an app called quickforms. how do i get rid of it and get back to my firefox browser. i tried to download firefox to get rid of it but that has failed. PLS HELP

cannot remove quick forms which is a constant irritation

Quick Forms is also now on my pc. I use firefox as my default browser. It appears at the top of my page where normally I would enter url or put in a search in the blank space. It also adds the following in the middle of the page. Logo Sponsored Search By QuickForms Sunday, February 20 - 7:15 PM Amazon Benefit & Loans Business & Financial Human Resources Real Estate Family & Life Terms Privacy Do Not Sell My Information

Accidental Sponsored Search

I somehow clicked on the wrong thing while trying to download a free printable calendar, and ended up with the following when I try to open my Firefox: Sponsored Search By QuickForms. I don't want that! At all! I want to delete that, and have the Firefox window open then way it used to be when I clicked on the Firefox icon. Help!!!

remove quick formsI cant get

Also, if you bought a subscription, you'll need to cancel that directly with the vendor. See also: *

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