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Multi-Account Containers

So if you have “Work” and “Personal” tabs interleaved within each other, you can easily sort them to help organize your tasks (as seen below). “Move tabs to a new window” will take all the container tabs in your current window and move them to a fresh window. The sync feature will align Multi-Account Containers on different computers. The add-on carries over Container names, colors, icons, and site assignments on to any other machines with the same Firefox account.

Using Saved Searches

TIP: In most cases, searching online is unnecessary and will slow your search down. An offline search is conducted locally on your computer, while an online search uses your mail server to do the search. Offline searches are much faster and Thunderbird's auto-sync mechanism automatically keeps your folders up-to-date. How to set the search criteria Choose one of three search modes: Match all of the following: This creates an "and" query where all of the listed rules must apply for the message to be shown in the folder.

Advanced panel - System, network, updates, and other advanced settings in Thunderbird

Download messages for offline use when going offline: If you have any offline folders set to keep a copy of every message on your computer, setting this to Yes will make Thunderbird automatically download any messages in those folders you don't have stored locally when you switch to offline mode. When set to No, local copies of messages will not be synced. Setting this to Ask me will make Thunderbird prompt you to download new messages from online folders when you switch to offline mode. Disk space Messages you view, which are not kept on your computer, are normally stored in a special cache folder for quicker viewing the next time you view the message.

How to Subscribe to News Feeds and Blogs

If you wish to use Message Filters on feed messages and filter by website, create a Custom header named Content-Base. This header contains the feed message's website link. Feed articles may be placed in 'the cloud' by setting up a filter to copy or move items to an IMAP account folder. This is not true syncing in any way, but may be useful in some cases. The filter bug to enable this feature has been fixed in Thunderbird 38. Tips for Publishers The Atom specification is strongly recommended.

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