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Lock extensions/addons

Is it possible to lock Firefox extensions? By locking i mean make the extension inaccessible (prevent disabling it or changing it's settings but having it still work). [] Does this "lock" mean what i just described? { "policies": { "Extensions": { "Locked": ["jid1-p8wT8wUxc4KaJo@jetpack"] } } } That is in my policies.json file, is this how it's supposed to work since it does nothing for me?

Addons and themes no longer downloading

ever since the latest update to my firefox browser, every time i go to download a theme or addon it says "Installation aborted because the add-on appears to be corrupt." every single addon even featured ones do this, so does themes. is there a way i can fix this?

1password add-on / extension

Trying to install latest add-on for 1password in ESET Banking and Payment Protection Firefox browser. No matter how I try I get a message saying installation aborted add-on corrupt. Why?? I have contacted 1password and ESET and now Mozilla... I have this add-on installed in "regular" Firefox and it seems to be fine.

add on or extensions

I have tried to install two separate extensions on my firefox, I click all the buttons, but nothing happens.

Firefox Private Network extension - browse securely on public Wi-Fi

Table of Contents1 Install Firefox Private Network2 Turn Firefox Private Network on or off Install Firefox Private Network All you need is the Firefox Private Network add-on and your Firefox Account. Firefox Accounts offers one convenient login for all of Mozilla’s services, including Sync, Mozilla Support, Firefox Send, add-ons and more. Visit the Firefox Private Network page. Click the Add to Firefox button Follow the prompts to install the extension. Click the Private Network button on the toolbar to open the panel.

Custom addons / extensions broken in Firefox nightly

Hi, I tried following this guide: For these add-ons: However for all add-ons, I get the error: "Failed to install *addon name*" Any help?


My theme went away with the latest update today. How do I get my old theme back?

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