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Firefox takes 10+ times longer to load websites than Edge or Chrome

First, I doubt it's a hardware or network issue, since it's happened on both my old archaic PC and now on my new PC (i9 CPU, Nvidia 2070 graphics card, 64gb RAM). Here's some highlights of what I've tried so far: • Refreshing multiple times • Rebooting the PC • Doing all the Quick Tips on this website • Eliminating all extensions • Clearing all cookies and cash • ... Also, I don't get any error codes. The tab icon just spins for a long time. I'm hoping I'm missing something obvious, since I love Firefox. Thanks and any help!

Default Container

So it looks like there is no way to have a default container. However the new strict ETP mode seems to be doing the same thing. In fact, it brings up another couple of questions Is the container & Facebook extension now redundant?


hello karl, i dont have that issue when i open the url you provided. See attached pic. have you tried starting your firefox in safemode, start with add-ons disabled, to test the issue?


''mittalrahul074 [[#question-1322395|said]]'' if you use any browser and a same search engine than it should same results Please explain it to google. Do you have the '''Google Search Fixer''' enabled in menu -> Addons?

Firefox very slow compared to Chrome

Hello, The site you mentioned is opening fine with me on Mozilla Firefox and crome. I don't know why you are facing this issue. However, you may try by disconnecting addons, I hope it might help.

Firefox PVY network

The Firefox Private Network add-on is $2.99/month. More info: I don't think you have that one. The Mozilla VPN program is $4.99/month. More info:


Hi So that I can look into this here, what is the address of the website that you are trying to open? Do you have any add-ons installed? What level of enhanced tracking protection do you have set?

Full screen screenshot doesn't work on some sites

Hi Michael. Have you tried taking SS by right-clicking on the screen + Inspect (or simply press F12). There, you'll find an option to take SS of entire page. Other Alternatives include Installing seperate Extensions.

Moving a message from one mailbox to another

Have you tried the process after you restart with addons disabled from the help menu and continue in safe mode when the prompt appears? Just a diagnostic to try and work out where the problem might lie.

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