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How do I turn off or get rid of "Recently bookmarked" that are being displayed in my 3 line -> Library -> Bookmarks menu? I don't want them to be displayed.

I cannot find any way to disable, hide, or remove the Recently Bookmarked list from the bookmark section. These make this window unusable other than the bookmarks that are listed there. I have no use for Recently Bookmarked items to be listed anywhere. I have attempted all of "solutions" that pop up about fixing this issue, but none actually work. There is no "Hide Recently Bookmarked" when you right click anything on that menu or others involving bookmarks. Similarly, there is no setting regarding it when you search in about:config as is claimed most of the time.

Devs, please add back browser.bookmarks.showRecentlyBookmarked in about:config

Anyway the copy/paste: "Hopefully there is enough info in the title about what I'm hoping someone can answer, But if there isn't then here are the ssteps to observe the "problem" 1. Tap on the "hamburger" menu 2. Tap on the "Library" menu 3. Tap on the "Bookmarks" menu 4. Observe the bookmarks listed under the section "Recently Bookmarked" Advice for previous Firefox versions suggested right clicking on the Library to get a context menu that allowed you to uncheck "Recently Bookmarked" Other advice suggested hacking "About:Config" to set the key "browser.bookmarks.showRecentlyBookmarked" to "False" is now defunct because the key no longer exists, and recreating the key in Firefox 80 doesn't appear to have an effect.

How to remove/stop 'recent bookmarks'

It's already at the bottom of the list. Thank you for the screenshot. For the lists at -- * "Library" toolbar button > Bookmarks * "3-bar" menu button > Bookmarks -- there is no built-in way to blank them. Fortunately, there are more useful ways to access your bookmarks: '''(1) Optional Bookmarks Menu button for the main toolbar''' Looks like and available in the Customize panel.

Remove "Open All in Tabs" bookmark

I want to remove the "Open All in Tabs" bookmark from my bookmarks folders, it's annoying and unnecessary (mouse scroll button is enough). Right clicking it opens the same menu as right clicking any folder, but in this case, the only option I want ("Delete Folder") is unavailable. I searched for a solution online, but the only thing I saw was something about editing codes and stuff, but I'd rather not mess with them. I couldn't find anything about it in the settings either, and there were no plugins, add-ons or extensions to fix this problem.


Why is it every time you update you screw everything up? Now the tab bar at the top under bookmarks is replaced with some colored waste of space and tabs at the bottom so metro taskbar pops up and hides it? Customize? And only ONE tab? So sessions are gone entirely? Why constant fear of updating and losing everything and spending hours trying ti fix it AGAIN!???

Do Not Remove Proton Preferences

Large spaces in between the bookmarked web sites when the window unfolds. So now, many bookmarks don't fit in the window, and to get to the bottom - the ones I can't see - I have to click the arrow at the bottom. But making it worse, is that if I do go to the bottom, the next time I open the bookmark tab, the list will open at the bottom (it doesn't revert to the top). So I'd have to scroll up to get to the ones at the top - AND the "Other Bookmarks" tab, where I also store bookmarked sites. I list my bookmarks in the order they're in so I can get to the ones I go to most often as fast as possible.

context menu changes not recognized in userChrome.css

The context menus when I right click are not functioning as before. The userChrome.css is still there in the chrome folder in my profile and has the same contents. The option toolkit.legacyUserProfileCustomizations.stylesheets is set to true. But it doesn't work anymore. I added a line to change the color of the tab toolbar and that worked. So userChrome.css is being read and acted upon. But the other command (I whittled it down to just one additional command for testing) is ignored. Here is what my userChrome.css looks like right now: @namespace url(""); #context-openlinkintab { display:none!

How can i add these Elements to firefox.cfg

That logo pref only has effect if you have other items like shortcuts or recent activity visible, with only the search bar visible you always see the logo. With only the search bar visible you need to use code in userContent.css (not userChrome.css) to hide this logo. @-moz-document url-prefix(about:home), url-prefix(about:newtab) { .logo-and-wordmark {display:none!important;} } ---- More info about userContent.css and userChrome.css in case you are not familiar: * *

No option to remove Other Bookmarks on bookmaks toolbar?

Hi I have version 86.0 (64-bit) on Windows 10 2004. My issues is that there is supposed to be a right click menu option to remove the new Other Bookmarks folder form the bookmarks toolbar but I do not have that option. My username on reddit is tharmalzombie and I asked that and the community provided a few things to try sadly no solution provided worked. Another thing I tried not mentioned in the reddit post was to restart firefox in safe mode with addons disabled this did not help either.

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