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  • Calendar integration into Thunderbird Starting with Thunderbird 38, Lightning has been packaged with Thunderbird. Learn more about setting up calendars for events and tasks in Thunderbird.
  • Inviting Other People to Events If you need to set up a meeting, and keep track of who's attending and who is not, Lightning can do this as well as allow you to send invitations to people who do not have Thunderbird/Lightning, including Microsoft Outlook users!
  • Creating New Calendars Using Thunderbird it's possible to have multiple calendars. You can create these in Calendar Mode or in Task Mode.
  • Lightning User Interface This article describes the Lightning user interface. (Lightning is a popular calendar add-on for Thunderbird.)
  • Exporting and sharing a calendar This article describes how to export and share a calendar from the Lightning calendar add-on for Thunderbird.
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