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You make it difficult mozilla to give feedback. Round in circles so that those who give feedback cannot access the cr*ppy site.

Once you get the DATE written correctly THEN you can hope to fix the multitude of aberrations in this confused so-called feedback loop. You are STEALING our data and noth… (read more)

Once you get the DATE written correctly THEN you can hope to fix the multitude of aberrations in this confused so-called feedback loop. You are STEALING our data and nothing more. 2022 09 06 13:41:59 is the correct and ONLY way to write time. Every other method is childish and not acceptable. Ask a scientist. So to my original complaint: 1. On my macbook trash from usa I have the latest version of Firefox. 78.something 2. On my airbook trash from usa, I have the latest version of Firefox 103.something The later is COMPLETE trash and I even doubt if it is from Mozilla, but on viewing these pitiful "help" pages perhaps that is the American way. Because A. I DON'T want ANY dates written in a Son-from-sicko manner. B. I don't want more space wasted with - zoom + controls on the menu bar and beside "New Tab". C. I want to help you poor b*ggers, but if you can't speak nor write in English then clearly you will have difficulty explaining what you are trying to establish. Americans are KNOWN for not being able to express themselves using the English language. So WHY would anyone let them have ANY say in how things are organised? D. I don't want to automatically check if Firefox is the latest version and as one person complained "It keeps asking you if you want to update ten times a day". I want it (the firefox prompt) to be able to inform me a maximum of

     1. Once a day
     2. Once a week
     3. Once a month

with frequency set at a rate which is adjustable. D. I LOST all my data stored in the various TABS because on reboot (on the mac air), the Firefox (102) changed to a later version (103) and LOST all my Tab information and History!!

As I am not a typical American pervert who is ashamed of looking at various sites and thus is afraid of someone finding out what he has viewed: I do NOT need to erase History. WHY would anyone wish to erase all the evidence of the work they have spent the day doing? I NEVER erase history as I wish to keep a record of the various methods I have used in educating the uninformed, so that we ALL at some point can become enlightened. THUS, the clear DATE (WHICH INCLUDES TIME!!!) should show the very second that I logged on to each particular address. It is hence SIMPLE to see where we have wasted most of our time and therefore LEARN to avoid those sites (typically American) in future, since they have a common SOURCE (USA land where most people live in wooden huts yet use the most resources).

Now, set that in front of your team of experts around the globe to play with for the next year and come back when you have got the BASICS right!!! I've no idea how ANYONE could even THINK of asking an American something unless they wanted to know if the Crossball Rangers had done well in the SuperBall basket ball rally. J*sus f*cking chr*st get sorted. And from the first message which I had started but was delayed with your complicated sh*te wasting our time....

<There is only ONE way to display the date or time.

2022 09 06 13:26

the rest is trash from usa, which no one needs.

Ask a scientist.

"You must be signed in to add comments" should be written FIRST so that we don't waste our time writing when we have no intention of going through the tedious process of "signing in" when you guys can't even get the DATE right!!!!>

Now this whole message goes into my own records of "dealing with yanks" folder under Firefox and not mozilla, since you don't even have the ability to send us a copy of what we have written for our own convenience. Clearly almost an hour spent on trying to educate at least ONE individual (who perhaps reads this), just one hour of thousands of hours I have spent seeking to get the message across for the past thirty years. Peter Jennings (yes ABC News) was thankful that I informed him and 300 million other Americans of the earthquake back in the late 1980s but that is beyond the scope of this present matter.

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