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how to move all junk mail to junk folder from inbox

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how do move all junk mail from inbox to junk folder automatically instead of having to right click, Move

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Check the image it is a screen shot

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To see the full headers in a new window so that it is easy to copy paste:

Select the email in the list, so you can see the message in the lower Message Pane.

There are a couple of ways to see the full headers. You can use any method, choose the one that you prefer.

1. In the headers area, where it shows the 'Reply', 'forward', 'Archive', 'Delete' buttons, just below these buttons will be 'Other Actions', click on 'Other Actions' to get a drop down list and click on 'view Source'.

2. From the top toolbar - 'View' > click on 'Message Source'

3. Hold down 'Ctrl' key and press 'U'.

A new window will open showing the full headers and email contents.

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Got it - thanks! I've sent the complete source to you as you previously asked.

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I think this thread went off track because people trying to help haven't understood the question. I can't help because I don't think there is an answer, but I can clearify the question with the hope that 1) I am wrong and someone knows the answer or 2) a future version will provide the solution. Some of us know how to get Thunderbird to move a message to the Junk folder when we identify it as junk. That isn't as easy to figure out as it should be, but it's not the problem. The problem is that when Thunderbird identifies something as junk, it leaves it in our inbox. We would like it to put junk in our junk folder with no action needed on our part. Ok, the action needed to move junk out of the inbox is not great. Tools/Delete Mail Marked as Junk does that, which might be satisfactory were it not for the fact that it moves it into the Trash folder rather than the Junk folder. Now, if we need to retrieve something from Trash, we have to work around all the junk. Should there not be a way, an easy way, to have junk mail put in the Junk folder by Thunderbird as soon as Thunderbird identifies it as junk?

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"Should there not be a way, an easy way, to have junk mail put in the Junk folder by Thunderbird as soon as Thunderbird identifies it as junk?"

There is.

Tools menu > account settings > Junk settings in the account in question set move junk messages to. The issues that brings people to forums however is mostly when that does not work, and there is no consistent reason.

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There is a solution here, although it's not intuitive. Like others here, I assumed the settings to automatically have junk-classified mail bypass the inbox entirely would be on the Account Settings > Junk Settings > Destination and Retention section, as shown in the first attached image. However, the action specified here only applies when you manually mark a message as junk.

To have Thunderbird filter the junk out of the inbox automatically, you need to setup a Message Fitler (Tools menu > Message Filters). Add a new filter and use the settings shown in the second attached image. This filter will run whenever you get new mail, after the Junk classification is complete, to move anything classified as Junk to a different folder.

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Thanks, but it doesn't work. All the junk is moved EXCEPT for junk from ""

The problem is that junk from "" is seen by TBird as junk, and flagged as junk, but TBird doesn't move it. It moves everything else, but not from

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@mmacreative Not a solution as Thunderbird does not need such a filter to move junk automatically for me. It would probably work, but it is not the answer.

I would suggest the stand approach of Right click the junk folder and select empty. Right click the junk folder and select compact.

now see if it works

Then restarting Thunderbird with add-ons disabled and see if that allows automatic movement.

Then restarting the operating system in safe mode and seeing if a third party program is the culprit.

Any of those work for you?

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Back in a previous message it was recommended to not set 'Preferences > Security > Junk > Mark junk as read = on'. When I set that '= on' in my Junk mail settings the problems I was having, which were not exactly the same as reported here, went away.

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