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Hi. Firefox v23.0.1 sessions open w/o groups; within 2 min's tabs are erroneously put into 8 to 12 groups; deleted & reinstalled to no avail. Plesase help. TYVM

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My MSI GT70 0nc-008us (w/i7-3610QM, GTX 670M/3GB GDDR5, 16GB RAM, ) suffered a critical crash upon connecting a new Seagate Backup Plus Slim Portable 2TB hdd. Lost Win 7 (64-bit) primary account. Recovered account, which appeared intact. Contacted GeekSquad tech support merely to "check & confirm" that OS was not damaged. Tech mistakenly, without any notice, executed a "tune-up," thus rendering Firefox (& other programs that I've optimized & customized over the past 2 years) effectively useless to me. For most of my applications, the history upon which I so greatly depended throughout the day, every day, was "wiped-out." As if that wasn't bad enough, for Firefox, the tech removed ALL addons, extensions, "history," themes, etc., leaving Firefox in the most basic configuration. Due to disabilities, I could not use it in any productive manner after what he did. Thankfully, I always keep backups of the profile (which I luckily made the prior afternoon) so, when I called GeekSquad back to advise of them of what the tech did, another tech assisted me to so correct. Unfortunately, I had no restore points due to... ["'s a long story..."] a Norton Live Ultimate Help Desk tech (to which service I was previously subscribing). So this GeekSquad tech, to whom I spoke over the phone while he so endeavored, & who was surprisingly very competent & knowledgeable, analyzed my system and said the history from all of my Microsoft, Adobe & other applications, could not be restored. However, he deleted the active Firefox (default) profile & replaced it with the backup. It then "appeared" to be as it was before the mishap. However, I then noticed too few tabs opened. So I replaced the session. The chosen session opened as usual, but took longer to be accessible, and there were then 2 popups asking if I wanted to let scripts continue. The popups referenced the "session" & something about "tab mix plus" with a ".js" extension. After selecting whether to continue or stop the scripts, another 2 scripts popped-up. Whether I opted to allow the script to continue or stop the script appeared to make no difference. Within a couple of min's most of my tabs disappeared. It took a while to figure out that they had been erroneously put into groups. A few groups had names of groups I used to use, though most were untitled. I stopped using groups months ago. Also, to the best of my recollection, the script alerts (popups) which happened infrequently while using v21, have not occurred since upgrading to v23; until now. Please note that I had almost 200 tabs opened, which had been put into 12 groups. I eventually tried dragging the tabs from each group into a single group, after which it "appeared to be stable." Though I then reduced the number of opened tabs to 110, & am no longer experiencing this issue; unless I reopen my previous 187 to 208 tab sessions. [I'm wondering if those sessions could themselves be the problem...possibly corrupt?] Unfortunately, I will need to open (& leave open) a total of from 140 to 210 tabs in my default session (used throughout the day, everyday). Firefox previously functioned well with 200 tabs open, with only one or 2 crashes every couple of weeks or so; & it always restarted & worked fine. If i can provide any additional information to assist you in providing a solution, please let me know. A Google search revealed that others have suffered from the described problem with groups, though I found no solution. It is my hope that you aware of, and have successfully solved, this glitch. Anxiously awaiting your reply. Thank you ever so much in advance! All the best to you & yours. pb.

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Unfortunately your first mistake was going to the geeksquad..

Please update to Firefox 28, Update Firefox to the latest release then read Recover lost or missing Bookmarks.

Unfortunately if the geeksquad tech deleted your data, and you don't have backups, there isn't much that you can do to recover it.

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As stated, I did (& do regularly) backup the FF profile, which was used to "fix" FF & even recover the history. As the prior profile was "replaced" with the backup (from the previous day), & I even deleted & reinstalled FF (albeit, while retaining the personal & configuration settings), I am uncertain what could have caused the described glitch with "groups." As or FF v28, I found it to be problematic & reinstalled v23. Hopefully, the current stability (which followed the manual merging of all groups erroneously created by FF) will not abate. To so insure, or to at least increase the likelihood thereof, I'd very much like to disable groups. Perhaps another user who has a fair degree of technical savvy, having likewise so experienced, has discovered a means by which to either fix the described glitch, or to disable groups (thus eliminating the "effect" of said glitch). I & (likely) many others would be ever so grateful if a sufficiently knowledgeable user would kindly provide the solution by which we may all benefit (whether directly or indirectly so). TYVM for your reply! pb.

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In order to be able to find the correct solution to your problem, we require some more non-personal information from you. Please do the following:

  • Click the Firefox button at the top left, then click the Help menu and select Troubleshooting Information from the submenu. If you don't have a Firefox button, click the Help menu at the top and select Troubleshooting Information from the menu.

Now, a new tab containing your troubleshooting information should open.

  • At the top of the page, you should see a button that says "Copy text to clipboard". Click it.
  • Now, go back to your forum post and click inside the reply box. Press Ctrl+V to paste all the information you copied into the forum post.

If you need further information about the Troubleshooting information page, please read the article Use the Troubleshooting Information page to help fix Firefox issues.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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Please install 28 again, we can't really help you with such an old version as 23, plus it leaves you insecure.

Second, please clearly explain your problem, because initially you made it sound like your Firefox profile was lost, and then second you made it sound like you restored it. please explain, clearly, what is going on after you update to 28. If you have problems in 28 we can correct those as well. Thanks!