posted by Weq12 4 years ago
Can't view PDF file, automatically downloads instead

I've been using the built-in pdf viewer for ages w/out issue. Today for the first time I found I could no longer view the pdf notes for my online Korean classes. Instead a save/download dialogue popped up.

Initially this problem included ALL pdf's that I tried to open in FF. It's been about 6 hours at this point - which is crazy - and I've gone through an extensive amount of troubleshooting methods (not necessarily in this order, aside from the last two):

  • Installed Schubert PDF Browser Plugin.
  • Disabled the built-in PDF viewer via preferences>applications, and switched to another viewer: schubert ... still got the save box.
  • Installed the Adobe PDF plug-in ... could not use (I'm using a Mac os x 10.7+ the adobe plug-in is buggy and not a viable option for me)
  • Deleted the mimetypes.rdf file ... no change.
  • Launched FF in safemode ... no change.
  • Enabled the built in viewer again via preferences>applications>portable document format (pdf)>preview in firefox.
  • Checked that 'pdfjs.disabled' was toggled to 'false' in about:config ... It was.
  • In about:config I reset 'plugin.disable_full_page_plugin_for_types' to default, then modified the value to: 'video/mp4,application/pdf'
  • Deleted the mimetypes.rdf file.
  • Re-initialized the plugins database.

The problem continued until I re-initialized my plug-in database and tried deleting the mimetypes.rdf file again and doing another restart.

Now it seems most pdf's are opening fine with the built-in viewer and schubert. However the site which I initially ran into the problem with: will not open pdf's and still opens the save dialogue automatically whenever I click open the pdf links. It also does the same when I enter the pdf directly into the address bar.

I have to pay a subscription so I'm not sure you can access this link without being a student but here it is just in case:

(note this same page also links to another pdf which is not hosted on koreanclass101, and that pdf is now opening fine for me.)

I've tried clearing cache and all cookies for koreanclass101, but even after doing that the problem persists. I'm wondering if the fact that there is Korean text on the PDF matters at all?? Though I'm not sure why it would.

I really need a fix for this! The lessons rely on the ability to switch back and forth from audio to pdf IN my browser. When I open the pdf's with preview and run the interactive lessons in FF at the same time, FF slows to a crawl and starts to hang every time I switch back and forth btwn programs.

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