How can I turn on spellcheck as default?

I was happily typing along and noticed both a typo and the fact that the typo was NOT underlined in red squiggles. Hmmmm, I thought.

Fiddling around, I discovered an option on right-click that allowed Me to turn on spellcheck. Now, every time I type in an email or forum, on Twitter, anywhere, I have to right-click to be sure of My spelling.

Thus began My efforts to find how to set the button to be on by default... Finding none led Me to "Help," which a search of the term "spellcheck default" led Me to a zero in returns. Sure, there were discussions with those terms, but I could not prowl them all looking for the method of setting spellcheck to be on by default. The first few pages yielded nothing...

So if You would please, direct Me to that function. [smile]

Thank You.

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