I used to be able to "restore" all my Firefox open browsers (about 30) and tabs (about 20 in each browser), but now the browsers are gone. Help?


I like Mozilla Firefox, and have used the browser for years.

I like to have a different Firefox browser for each major subject (for example, each upcoming trip). I have about 30 different Firefox browsers open at once in my computer memory. Each of these 30 browsers has about 20 different tabs open in my computer memory. So in total, I have about 30 x 20 = 600 different tabs (websites) open at any one time. I refer to these often. Since I have spent the time to search and find these websites, I want to read them very easily in the future. I also have about 100 bookmarks, but bookmarks are not as organized as browsers and tabs. At night, I put my computer to sleep. In the morning, I turn on the computer, and all the browsers and tabs are there. If I had to restart my computer, (for example after installing Windows updates), then Firefox used to ask if I want to restore the previous session, which I did, and I got all 30 browsers x 20 tabs = 600 tabs back no problem.

But recently, I cannot restore all of those browsers; they are gone. How can I restore all the browsers I had open previously? I see the tabs under "History", but they are not organized within all the browsers that I had open. I reset Firefox to the factory default, but that has not helped.

Thanks, Craig Seattle, Washington, USA

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