I have tried several ways to delete the cookies listed in options and nothing works to get rid of them.

I have tried all of the methods to delete the cookies that are suggested on your support site. I have tried them if the selection in Options is for cookies allowed and with cookies not allowed. Also with 3rd party cookies allowed and not allowed. Normally, I have it set at cookies allowed but 3rd party cookies not allowed. I have tried CCleaner, Euslings Cleaner, Auglogics Cleaner, Wise Cleaner, SuperAntiSpyware, Spybot, and WinPatrol, plus deleting the temp files in Windows. All that software cleans out cookies. I also have Spyblaster set to protect against hundreds of tracking cookies. It was SuperAntiSpyware that brought the problem to my attention in the first place. It just started doing it approximately a few weeks ago but only the passed several days have I been working hard to get those cookies deleted. There must be a couple hundred of them. I did manage to delete about 5 or 6 of them but the others won't budge. I want to clean them all at and start from scratch and monitor them on a daily basis. I don't want most of them. SuperAntiSpyware claims it deletes them but when I go to Options in the browser they are still there. SuperAntiSpyware claims the cookies are there every time I run the program before shutting down the computer. I just added that Troubleshooter and looked at information. I'm sorry but I'm not understanding anything. I'm not that computer savvy.

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