Silverlight plugin crashes when Netflix Progess bar used to advance or replay part of film

Netflix logs on OK and sucessfully starts amd runs films using Silverlight 5.1.20913.0 and the present up to date version of Firefox (26?) However if I attempt to fast forward or go backwards, using the Netflix slider, Silver light crashes with the following message "A Script on this page may be busy or it may have stopped responding etc. Script:" Processor at 100% load. Netflix runs faultlessly with IE 8 and Silverlight. BBC Iplayer etc run films OK OK I am running on windows XP service pack 3 on a HP PC with AMD Athlon 64 processor. I have installed the "AGP Programme may hang" patch in the registory for "LargePageMinimum" I have a Nvidia Geforce 8400GS video adapator running a composite video output to a TV in Dualview mode. Fault appeared after last Nvidia driver update via microsoft I have tried all the advice about running in Firefov in safe mode etc Looking for feedback


Disabling Plugin-Container is not a recommended solution

There is a danger that Firefox itself will become crashy if you disable plugin container.

even more importantly Adobe is not testing the new versions of Flash with the in-process configuration, which means that we're seeing crashes which are specific to in-process.  {bug 769721]
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