Privacy and security concerns, questions

It was pointed out to me that Firefox has geolocations set in the about:config settings. So I checked and indeed, when i do a search for "geo" in the about:config window I get two hits: geo.enabled - default - boolean - true geo.wifi.uri - default - string -

I have location services disabled completely in OS X Mavericks and the System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy shows no mention of Firefox asking for access to my geolocation. With this seting set to "True" can Firefox still collect some or any of my geolocation through other means like IP etc?

No fan of Google either, will that second setting contact Google to transmit any of my geolocation?

I was also told that having multiple tabs open in Firefox enabled the websites in those tabs to get information from eachother. For example if I am in my webmail on one tab, another website in another tab can 'see' or 'know' this somehow, is this true? If so, what are the security/privacy concerns with this or how far can a website go to collect info from other tabs?

I am here to verify these things before I pass this information on to others.

Thank you for your help in advance.

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