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distorted printing to dot matrix epson LX-300 printer


the problem im having is the same as the one mentioned here:


the basic problem is that when i print from a computer to an epson LX300 printer using firefox the spacing between letters seems distorted. you can find the image of the problem on the link above.

the only difference is that they are talking about using IE 8 while im using firefox 26. the user Joel-MMCC made the best explanation of the problem except that firefox is not running on trident. but it seems to be exhibiting the same problem at random. i have about 10 computers on my network but only 2 are having this problem. and i could not for the life of me figure out why.

when i tried the work around of changing the print resolution from the default 120x72 to 120x144 it seems to fix the problem except that the printout fonts and letters are now too far spaced. and since our webapp is already optimised to print on the 120x72 resolution and because we have fixed continuous forms that we print to, this work around will not work for me.

i tried installing IE9 on the troubled computer and it seems to work. the only problem is our webapp is optimised for firefox. certain javascripts dont work on IE.

im really at the end of my wits here. any ideas?

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the image shows the print of the same printer, one from a working computer and the other not working

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Have you tried a dot matrix printer support forum, for help with that issue?

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Question owner

i really dont think this is a dot matrix issue. i have contacted epson btw. they seem clueless about this issue. anyways, i think its a rendering problem. my theory is that this is somehow related to the video card or video card driver. the rendering program (Gecko) uses some video card/driver settings that is somehow causing the print to come out like this. i have tried reformatting my machines using the exact same version of OS and using the exact version of firefox but somehow the machines that worked still worked and the machine that didnt still didnt.

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well, i have this same problem too. my only solution is to not install most driver. @akinga: i agree, i thing it's somehow related to vga driver, and it seems only affect the new intel's. the old ones work just fine with all driver installed.

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@mataanjin your suggestion worked. what i ended up doing was uninstalling the driver for the video card and just installed a generic video card driver. this means there is some variable or data being provided by the driver that is being misinterpreted by the rendering program. i hope somebody from the mozilla development team can catch this bug.

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