posted by madav 4 years ago
My tabs are being hijacked. Under page info shows: chrome://msdsd/content/newtab/newtab.html


          I searched online to try and find out what above hijack item is & how it can take over on any

page I tab. (I fixed my home page, and removed a toolbar line it also created).

I went into all the Firefox options, and check control panel add/remove programs to veryify there was no entry relating to Google, or Chrome or MSDSD.

Searched the web, There is no website, either. I have no idea where the hooks for this item are on my machine. If it is a program, I would delete it. If it is a setting I would change it.

Even attempted to block chrome:// on my firewall. Wish I could tell you how this got on my machine in the first place... Not having any luck getting a handle on this. Any ideas as to how to kill this items or where it originated from?

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