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How do I access Firefox when Norton 360 firewall seems to be blocking access but all links on Norton 360 default to Mozilla page which can't connect?


I'm writing this via a Windows Explorer browser window which should tell you the problem, or at least that I can't connect through Mozilla Firefox. Mozilla has been my default for years and I've always had Norton, 360 for the last few years. I've been through the traditional update problems with Toolbar/ID Safe and both of those are working fine. Both were updated to absolute latest version within the last week due to an Update/Restart problem I was having with Windows 8. There were some periodic problems with initializing the Norton problems which generally led to a Firefox not responding situation. But I was able to run both quick and complete scans yesterdays and the Norton Autofix tells me no problems with their program/app.

I just downloaded newest Mozilla 25.0.1 last night again as last resort because I can't access Firefox beyond the homepage. Spotify also told me there appeared to be a firewall blocking access. I also can't access iTunes. I went to Windows 8 Action Center and it listed Norton 360 as controlling the firewall. But I went to the allow apps through Windows Firewall tab in System anyway and didn't see any listing for Mozilla or Firefox there (maybe you have a less obvious filename). My own network connection is working fine, obviously I'm on Explorer and no problems with my other computer.

I'm going to contact Norton to deal with this problem, too. But my real problem now is that any attempt to contact the Symantec/Norton help/support site is automatically sent through a Firefox page which can't connect. Right now I can't figure out how to do a tech chat or something to work at it from their end. So that's why I'm here asking if you've run into this or know any way around it. Obviously, the quicker a response the better. Thanks for your time.

Ciao 4 now,

Don Snowden

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You probably discovered this by now, but to open a link from another program in a different browser, such as Internet Explorer, you make that other browser your "default" browser. Then Windows will route those links to, say, IE. Microsoft has the steps here: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/internet-explorer/make-ie-default-browser

I don't know how Norton displays this, but Firefox usually runs two different processes: firefox.exe and plugin-container.exe (that's to isolate Flash and other plugins, so if they crash, Firefox itself isn't taken down).

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Hello J Scher,

I don't know if this answer solves it, but I did contact Norton Support through IE and the tech had me download Firefox again...just like I did the night before on my own. But for the moment, for whatever reason, all those issues have gone away, knock on wood three million times. I can access Norton support pages, I can get on Spotify and I can reach the iTunes store. I will freely admit to not being a great computer person but I have no idea why my machine did this to me all weekend and why it cleared up now, unless the Norton tech did some behind-the-scenes tweakery. But for now, I'm okay and things are working, knock on wood four million more times (figure I better up the ante). Thanks for your help.

Don Snowden

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I was not able to open my Comcast Home Page in Firefox after (10) Windows 7 Ultimate updates, today, December 11, 2013. Reinstalling Firefox did not solve the problem. The problem was solved by changing Firewall Setting, tab Program Rules from "Automatic" to Allow in Norton Security Suite. I am using Norton Security Suite from Comcast.

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