posted by Ellion 2 years ago
Freezing for a few seconds after switching tabs, freezing for a second without doing anything.


I use Firefox v. 25.0 (If i remember correctly I had this problem at 24 too) and I my browser freezes for a few seconds, maybe every 10 seconds. It only freezes for about give or take, 3 or 4 seconds but it is starting to bug me.

I have tried -> Safe mode - still happens in safe mode. -> Restarting firefox (multiple times) - The last few restarts I have removed/disabled any add ons or extentions. It always starts with out the freezing, but maybe after 1 or 2 days the freezing comes back again. This time I'm just half way done with it so I haven't bothered to disable much. -> Checking for multiple duplicated files in the firefox folder - didn't have any.

I apologize that this is a commonly asked question, but I wanted to see if I could get any help here before having to move to chrome (which is not recommended from my sister), or internet explorer (which is in my recycle bin...)

Thank you in advance.

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