You are dishonest ! why do you spoil IDM through updating firefox?

It seems to me that you collaborate with other companies in order to save them from bankruptcy . I have had IDM for more than a year and I never wanted to update firefox or IDM since IDM always wanted me to do so just to destroy it BUT you asked me to update firefox - in a cunning way - not for firefox itself because your update is false : no new features , nothing to be compared with the old version of firefox - but only to dismantle the installation of my IDM !!! Do you get money for such a dirty job ? or Do you enjoy spoiling other people's time ? I do not know what to say because I have a hunch that you are either a hacking company or some kind of intelligence who spy on other people . I am sorry to tell you I lost confidence in your actions and your product so I am going to find another TRUE people. If you are angry at my message ,please do not bother to send a response unless you want to defend your position .

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