allright, I have an Intel Mac using OS 10.5.8 and using Firefox v3.5.17; version 4.0, version 16.0, this is all very confusing??? Will be forced to change soon

I have an Intel Mac using OS 10.5.8, and Firefox v3.5.17. It works fine and I do not want to change as I like Firefox "exactly" the way it is! That said, I will be forced to update soon I'm very afraid. In looking at and trying to update to the latest version, many conflicts have come up. The update consistently brings me to the wrong version for my OS. So, what version will be the latest that will absolutely work for OS 10.5.8? WHY do I find that 4.0X is best then, 16.0!! is the correct one?

   Why are the versions so vastly separated??  
   Nothing makes sense. Please help before I convert to Chrome permanently! 

Thank you.

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