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No Update detected in Alcatel One Touch Fire

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I have Firefos OS and I have seen that Firefox 1.1 has been released, I try to check for updates and it says that my system is up to date. I read somewhere that rebooting the phone solves it but that didn't work.

Why my system doesn't detect the update? Do I have to call my service provider or manufacturer about that?

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Our developers, engineers and other Firefox OS departments are working hard with Alcatel and providers to get the update out to you as soon as we can. We appreciate your patience and thank you for choosing to use Firefox OS.

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Youlo: there is grammar mistake in you comment ...

To be honest, the sooner Flash will be removed from the Internet, the better for all of us! There is no need to support Flash which is doing not more than killing our hardware, you have HTML5 and Flash is not needed.

FirefoxOS update to version 1.1 has been put on hold due to problems it cause on 90% of devices. Mine did it properly and I run 1.1 now ... luckily, because all others are bricked now! We are waiting now for fix from Alcatel. They didn't say anything when it will be available ...

Its sad because many people in Poland got back theirs Fire to T-mobile and are requesting new phones with Android instead. It means big fail of FirefoxOS here ...

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Adobe Flash is not supported on 1.0.1, 1.1 and higher etc.

Flash is a proprietary software. Mozilla working on somthing called Shumway - it's is a Flash VM and runtime written in JavaScript, but it's for desktop version of Firefox browser, I don't know about Mozilla plan's to bring it on FOS.

Anyway - flash based apps or animations are not available (AFAIK iOS don't have Flash support too, Adobe stopped supporting Flash for Android and Linux if I remeber correctly about Android). FOS based on HTML, CSS, JS and HTML5 have a nice tag's to put multimedia on website (ex. video or audio tag, ogg, mp3, webm and more are supported, but Flash is another story). But if some media are builded in flash...well...You must go to your PC, Android device etc to play it. I don't know if it good or bad...Flash is not supported and probably never will, Flash is builded on C++ etc, so it will be hard to rewrite it to OPEN + HTML/JS standards (Flash is closed source) and Adobe basically have best support only on Windows. Second - Flash have a big hardware requirements, so I cannot imagine Alcatel Fire playing some Flash games etc inside browser...

It just reality...

@macu: I've wrote to T-Mobile with request to change Alcatel with FOS to other phone with Android (even with old 2.3, it's still better than FOS). Maybe FOS will be like Android 2.3 on year or two. At this point FOS does not meet my personal minimum requirements - even normal phone's with Java are more advanced... And I'm from Poland, just like You said :-)

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Hi! Uh. Really sorry for all this issues. Unfortunately this is still ongoing and there are still 2 open bugs associated to it: - phone rebooting after update - lost contacts after update. Alcatel is working on it and we are doing our best to help them. In relation to sending the phone to T-Mobile, at the moment I don't have any input from them, but I would encourage you to do so. They can help so that the affected devices reach Alcatel through them. Do you think you can bring the phone back to the store? Thanks, Hermina

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So, any news on the update 1.1 release date yet?

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I have the 1.1 with TIM from Italy.

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